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I noticed that some blue smudges have emerged on my white Wii Remote after I tortured myself by completing DKCR's sadistic Time Attack mode.  With the remote in the horizontal position, the smudges appear by the "right" button on the control pad and the 1 and 2 buttons.  I can only assume that these formed by pressing these buttons so hard for so long with sweaty hands.  I tried cleaning the remote to wipe the smudges off, but so far nothing has been effective.  My remote still functions so it's no big deal; I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a similar situation.

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I continue to battle with a similar problem, with all my controllers. Once a month (or whenever I think of it. lol), I clean them with some baby wipes. I know it sounds funny, but the baby wipes are pretty effective against controller grime.

Before babies came into my life, just a damp cloth worked well.
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I had a bunch of dead skin on my Wiimote after doing that dang purple coin mission on the rainbow slide galaxy is SMG2...I just used a paper towel. Not sure of your situation, though. If it's a big deal, then you can just use the jacket I guess.
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it appears hardly any peeple have posted on this topic, so just doin this for fun. try using a dab of bleach. it worked when I had blue marks on my wiimote


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That's really, really weird, Faw, but it could just be the home button's paint smearing across the Wii-Mote from the sweaty-ness of your hands.

Doesn't make any sense, but you come up with a good explanation!
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how's dat wierd?