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Mario suits up for archaeologically-themed nonogram puzzles in...


In this Mario themed puzzler, you solve nonograms -- picture logic puzzles.  Presented with a grid, you must determine which blocks in the grid are to be filled in and which are to be skipped, based on the number clues on the outside of the grid.  Shade in the grid properly and you'll end up with a pixelated picture!

The Mario theme of the game is limited to his appearance in the top corner of each puzzle screen, with only a small handful of puzzles having Mario themes.
 Mario's archaeology outfit ties into the motif of "chipping away" at the puzzles to reveal the hidden images.  There are 256 puzzles to be solved, and you can unlock a Time Trial mode.  The game also features Super Game Boy borders.

Due to the game's general lack of success, its two sequels (Picross 2 & Mario's Super Picross) weren't released outside of Japan, although Mario's Super Picross eventually received a Virtual Console rerelease on European Wii and Wii U systems.

Some of the music from this title reappears in the DS game Picross DS.  Mario's outfit reappears in Super Mario Odyssey.
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