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Mario wears the red, white, and blue in...

Mario's Open Golf

In 1991, Nintendo released the PlayChoice-10 arcade system, which essentially allowed players to buy time (often 300 seconds per quarter) to play modified versions of NES games.  One of the games released for the PlayChoice-10 was Mario's Open Golf, a variant version of NES Open Tournament Golf / Mario Open Golf.  The Club House (for saving the game) is missing, but otherwise you can play as much Stroke Play or Match Play golf as you can squeeze into your budget.

The title screen for Mario's Open Golf features the same artwork as NES Open Tournament Golf, with Mario and Luigi flanked by Princess Peach and Princess Daisy.  (The NES game's instruction manual clearly shows Daisy in the artwork, whereas the game's title screen doesn't make it quite as clear.)

While the in-game art renders Mario's outfit differently, promo art indicates that Mario is wearing red and white striped overalls & hat, with a blue shirt covered with white stars.  This outfit later returned in Super Mario Odyssey.
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