Author Topic: Looking for necessary ROM dumping/Transfering tools  (Read 1615 times)

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Yes. Anyone know where to get them?
I'd like to transfer some SNES Roms into an actual cartridge.
And dump the game that was never dumped, Wario's Woods BS.
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Well... ROM dumping equipment can usually be found on eBay despite their attemps to remove such auctions.  There's one on there now for $100.

As for putting them on an actual cartridge, your best bet is to use an EPROM programmer, program some EPROMS, get a cartridge you don't want, remove the old chips, and then solder the EPROMs in... just be aware that the pins probably aren't the same between the game chips and the EPROM.  Alternatively, you can usually find development SNES boards on eBay if you just want to test on a real system, but they don't make real cartridges.  There's one on eBay for $90 right now... you can usually find boards for much cheaper, but then you have to provide your own EPROMs and have a way to program them.

I can dump stuff or program EPROMs, if you just need something done.