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General Chat / Is there a "right" way to ask someone out?
« on: October 24, 2013, 09:47:18 AM »
Warning: I talk about IRL junk in this topic on a Mario message board.

This question occurred to me recently after asking a good friend of mine out the other day. We had been hanging out on-and-off for the last couple years and had a lot of stuff in common. After finally getting up the courage, I wrote this huge speech-esque "proposal" of dating to her on Facebook; basically it outlined that I thought we had a special bond and that even if it didn't work out or she didn't want it, I would be fine with being "just friends." (GASP, I was being serious!) It was pretty long-winded, and I was beginning think that maybe there were better methods of interacting instead of Facebook (although she lives several hours away in New Mexico). I talked with a guy I kinda know online about the situation, and he encouraged me to tell her how I feel, and that it would be the right thing to do, instead of letting it bubble over, which is totally what I normally do in these situations. Anyway, she turned me down, but I got a new best friend out of the deal.

What my original point comes down to is this: Would there have been a different reaction if I had asked her a different way? I mean, big speeches have always kinda been my thing, but what if I took a more romantic/funny/ridiculous way of asking? Is the response sometimes dependent on the execution of the proposal? I didn't necessarily think I did it "wrong," but there's this idea I've been having that maybe there's a way to get a yes if I did things a little differently. To be honest, we both like each other and I figured that it could easily translate into a relationship, because that's what happened to the train wreck that was my last relationship... but I guess really good friends don't always add up to that.

Also, the "friend zone" stuff doesn't bother me in this case; we were already just friends to begin with, and I like being really good friends, even with girls. The only thing that irked me was that I've wanted a relationship for a while, and it always helps when it's with someone you already like. It only "hurts," because I haven't been as optimistic about this part of my life in a long time, and she gave me a glimmer of hope recently.

Video Game Chat / 3DS Virtual Console Download Play?
« on: January 31, 2013, 11:42:46 AM »
Well, Nintendo has released the "full" version of Ice Climbers to the 3DS eShop... but it includes a feature I've never seen in any of the 3DS VC games: Download Play!

This took me by surprise, and it seems like a great sign of things to come, seeing as they've never really supported much of any multiplayer for the 3DS VC. Do you guys think this means they might go back and update other games to have download play? Or maybe this is one of the few that needed it (because of simultaneous play), and add it to any other games in the future that need it? I'm personally hoping for more support on GameBoy Color titles, and multiplayer support (however this is probably way trickier) for the Wii U VC GameBoy Advance titles.

Fan Creations / Time Toss: A Time Travel Story
« on: January 27, 2013, 09:16:25 PM »
My book doesn't actually have a subtitle, I just figured it would be good for the context of this post. So anyway, I've written a book and spent countless hours/days/weeks (???) working on it over the past six years. I'm still hesitant to post the entire thing here, but I have nothing against posting snippets from the book to gauge your feedback. I recently revised the book (although I highly doubt I fixed everything... ugh) for a contest entry, only to find that I missed the entry period today. So in hopes of turning it around, I'm going to try posting/shopping my book to whoever seems like they might be interested in it. If anything, I'm posting this here to make sure that I'll be able to "handle" shopping it to anyone else. Without further delay, here's some pieces of my book:

The date is December 19th, 2006 and the time is roughly 3:00 PM. A small town called Dawnsville is where our story is based. One of our heroes is a young, 15 year-old teenage boy: Tom Rancher. Yesterday was his birthday, and today he simply retired to his bed. He was very tired and thought his life was far too boring for his own good. He remembered watching adventurous movies, TV shows and even reading various types of literature, wondering why those fantastic adventures couldn’t happen to him!
His head was always in the clouds, speculating various things that he generally had nothing to do with. Though he did well in school, his imagination prevented him from thinking of his own future. He would frequently think of the past. He knew that many great things had happened before his birth, and didn’t see anything in store for his future. His parents told him as a child that his earlier living relatives had very exciting lives in the late 1800’s. In fact, he remembered vividly being told about the lightning storm that struck one of his grandfather’s houses, which was saved from being engulfed in flames because he kept a lightning rod installed on the roof.
Today he became bored with his own wallowing and decided to go to an old friend’s house. This friend was one he kept since his childhood in 1996. Her name was Jenna. She had a very unique personality; she was always ready for adventure and constantly curious. She had many unique behaviors, one of which caused her to dye her hair pink. Overall, she was a very pleasant person and the best friend of Tom.
Tom walked along the neighborhood streets over to Jenna’s house, seeing many advertisements for an old, musty house that had been put up for sale. Tom was wondering why anyone would leave a house in such a terrible condition. In the picture, he saw broken windows and peeling paint. What he found really strange, yet very funny was that the sign said:
“Needs minor repair”
Tom left his thoughts about the strange house and knocked on Jenna’s door as he entered the vicinity of the house. Quite quickly, she came and opened the door to see her friend on this boring Tuesday afternoon.
“Hey Jenna… Just thought I’d stop by!”
“What’s up?” Jenna asked Tom.
Tom knew the answer, but tried to keep it interesting,
“Not much, but have you seen that old house for sale? Looks like a cool thing to check out!”
Jenna accepted the tempting offer of an interesting adventure. Neither of them knew exactly what scale of an adventure this would turn out to be. They walked through the rather dull town, looking at sights they had seen for years.
Nothing really interesting seemed to be going on, although many of the deteriorating buildings were in the process of being remodeled. The concept of the buildings had been the same: local heirlooms of striving small-business owners passing down their careers to their offspring. Having seen this for years, many of the people were shocked when the bigger and more popular business chains started moving into their quaint little town, replacing some of the most historic locations there.
Tom vaguely remembered some, but his focus wasn’t on that; it was on making something interesting happen again. There was a very long road of many houses they followed to get to this beat-up old house. Tom kept the address fresh in his mind:
“1164 Johnson Drive”
Tom and Jenna approached the door, and Tom jiggled the handle. The door was not locked; it was stuck. The door seemed to have formed a strong bond with the wall and looked as though it hadn’t been opened in years. Soon, Tom became frustrated and yanked on the door knob.
Apparently it was well-enforced, as the knob flew out, taking a chunk of the door itself with it! Tom flew backward as well, but readily bounced back up, knowing he now had entry to the house. Jenna pushed the door inward, and they gently walked inside. They looked around this house in awe.
There were inventions of all sorts lying about the cluttered house, many had dust and were very crude-looking models of futuristic mechanics to come.
Most of the machines were broken or completely out of power, except for one thing that caught Tom’s eye.
It was as shiny as a beautiful piece of gold, and wasn’t old-looking at all. He picked it up and examined it. It was a small box-like machine with a clock-like interface and had many buttons. Tom saw that it lit up brightly and seemed ready to use for whatever purpose it served. Tom read from the machine’s odd interface, set specifically for:
“March 15th, 1996, 6:00 AM”
During all of this Jenna was already preoccupied and looking on her own for something of interest. Tom was curious so he decided to disrupt Jenna and said,
“Jenna, come here and check this out! It’s really weird.”
Jenna dropped the other strange machine she was holding and ran over to see what Tom was talking about.
“What is that?” she asked him.
“I’m not sure. It doesn’t look like it works or anything.”
The face of the machine was very clean, and they soon saw a very large button that had a clear reading:
“Hey… I’ll bet this button activates whatever it does; should I press it?” Tom asked Jenna.
“Go for it! I mean, it can’t be dangerous or anything. It probably won’t even work right.”
Jenna was quite wrong about that, as when Tom pressed the button, a sudden flash of white enveloped him! He could no longer see Jenna. From Jenna’s perspective, she saw a large, white sphere surround Tom and was nearly blinded from its powerful glare. Knowing something would soon happen to Tom, she quickly jumped into the sphere and grabbed him.
Both were blinded by the bright light around them, but knew they needed to keep holding onto each other. Tom boldly held the strange gold machine in his hand, still feeling the strain of Jenna’s hand on him.

I can't seem to format my book well here... but that's pretty much the first chapter. It's a pretty quick opening, but the meat of the story really gets into who they are when they travel through time. I'd be willing to answer any questions you guys have about my work and possibly even share more of the story with you, but I'd like first of all some responses to this part of my work. For instance: Would any of you be interested in this kind of book at all?

General Chat / Hypnosis?
« on: October 25, 2012, 06:44:00 PM »
Just thinking of this, and honestly I'm not sure if if this belongs in NATDT, but do you what do you guys think of hypnosis? (Also, bonus question: If you could be hypnotized for anything what would it be? Be as creative as you want; I already know my answers are going to be super boring compared to anything you guys come up with)

From what I understand, hypnosis uses suggestion from a fully-willing individual concerning a goal they wish to achieve; in other words, it's only good if the person in question really wants to undergo the "effects" of hypnosis. That said, I took a psychology class last semester, and while I enjoyed it, I never felt as though we really got into hypnosis in the way I envisioned it. When I say that, I don't mean "mind control," but rather just the idea of suggested behaviors in general. Also, I've attempted hypnosis tracks on YouTube before (for memory purposes mostly), with pretty much no results. Whilst in my psyc class, I did a test of "susceptibility" by which tells you if you can easily undergo hypnosis, and according to it, I can... but I think I don't fully "subscribe" to the idea, if that makes any sense; otherwise, I think it would've made a difference. Maybe I over-think the whole thing too much for it to work? I don't think I fully get the grasp of the idea; what do you guys take from it?

To answer my own question above, I'd want to be hypnotized to remember my dreams well. There's a lot of stuff that goes on in my head that almost immediately becomes forgotten; even though in the back of my head, I'm thinking, "Man, I wish I knew what that dream was about; that was cool!"

Video Game Chat / Posting From my 3DS Thread
« on: June 06, 2011, 11:52:51 PM »
Well, the 3DS system update finally happened and I now have Excitebike! The browser and eShop are working well, but there are some issues that apparently concern “maintenance,” keeping me from looking at certain other products and whatnot. Either way, this definitely isn't as painful as typing  on the Wii using the remore...

Really liking the way Excitebike looks and plays.

Fan Creations / Tanooki Mario Winter 2.0 (Fangame)
« on: May 30, 2011, 10:31:56 AM »
It's a little known fact that I make games. I might have posted some unfortunate old stuff here before, but this game is something I'm actually kinda proud of. I released it last year on MFGG and it only got one review, so unfortunately I haven't been subjected to a whole lot of criticism and whatnot. I updated it after the initial review to fix some known problems, so... I'm posting it here in hope to get some more feedback. It was made with Game Maker 8.0.

Title screen

Main stage


You control Mario in the Tanooki Suit, trying to stomp Goombas and Tanoombas. It's an arcade-style game based loosely off of Mario Bros. You move left and right with the arrow keys or A and D on the keyboard. However, everything else is controlled with the mouse. This game allows you to drop "Action Orbs" with the click of the left mouse button.

There are three different types of Action Orbs:
- Jump (Traditional Mario move)
- Spin (Tail whacking enemies)
- Statue (For being temporarily invincible)

To cycle through them, just right-click.

Other than that, you should read the info page that comes with the game. It should have all the details you need before jumping into it. There's a readme file with the SendSpace mirror that I know of. If there are any issues, please tell me.

YoYo Games

Known Issues:

- Mario can't jump on multiple enemies in a single fall. (Unfortunately Game Maker comes with this collision issue that I've yet to counteract.)
- Statue kills enemies that collide with it. (It's from the beta stages, but I left it in because it was better than it being a simple statue that does nothing for a certain amount of time.)
- "Spin" sound can overlap endlessly into the next room. (Yeah... so don't spin as you enter the next room during the game)
- Other (There are some other issues, but since I don't have them written down, I can't remember them. Feel free to point them out if you find them.)

Again, feedback would be great.

The White Mushroom House / The BLF1.0 Selling List
« on: March 28, 2011, 06:59:54 PM »
6/19/11: Changes have occurred and I'm no selling my stuff here:

Feel free to browse and buy whatever you want. I've added some stuff to my inventory and some of it has already been sold. I've priced everything quite competitively against other listings of the same products.

If you have any questions post them here.

General Chat / Anyone seeing Weird Al this year?
« on: May 03, 2008, 05:06:17 PM »
I noticed there are a few Al fans sticking around here... though not too many. So far on, there have been a decent list of locations where he'll be performing this summer. I have to say one of the reasons for my really wanting to see Al is because of the fact he added "Albuquerque" in the list of songs he sings on tour. My plans may be a little "hazy" to say in the least because I'll supposedly be moving to Seattle during the summer... I might even go on up and see him in Canada depending on the situation.

I've been wanting to see Al live for a while and I've heard it's an amazing experience... so I'm really pumped. Anyone else? I know there have been some that went to see him last year.

General Chat / Writing?
« on: October 16, 2007, 04:47:35 PM »
Well, I'm not 100% sure this topic hasn't already been made, but oh well I guess.

The question is pretty much, what do you think of writing? Do you think it's a horrible process for school activities, or are you a literary genius? Pretty straight-forward question, but I want to see your views. I know for a fact there are a few creative minds...

Anyway, I really enjoy writing, I'm actually writing books. I've finished a couple, but one I plan on pretty much eliminating, it doesn't really have much to with my other two books which are both the sequel and prequel. I also plan on collaborating the remaining two together, I've always wanted to write a really long book. The thing is, over time my writing has improved since I started on the books, and I'm not sure they'll mix together well quality-wise. In school I'm pretty good with finishing my essays and I get a lot of good grades. (Last time I was pretty much getting 100s for every essay I wrote.O_o)

So, yeah, go...

Mario Chat / Some what of a Mario movie to come out
« on: June 18, 2007, 04:10:50 PM »;_ylt=AldeQVOA8cKlwtOTAr3KBSBfVXcA
It's an arcade video game documentary, by the looks of it, it'll be mostly about Donkey Kong.

Video Game Chat / New game making program
« on: April 16, 2007, 06:42:59 PM »
It's not out yet, but it's scheduled to come out in May. Stencyl

It looks good so far and I'm going to try it out when it comes out. For those who enjoy making games or are interested in starting, this may be something to try out. I know a lot of you probably aren't into making games, but you never know.

Mario Chat / Music you wish made it in DDR:MM (May contain spoilers)
« on: November 18, 2006, 08:15:43 AM »
Well, you get the point. The music is awesome, but there was still a bit more things that would be awesome as well.

And my list goes:
M&L:SS Battle theme
M&L:SS Popple battle theme
Rainbow Road (SMK)
Doopliss battle theme (PM:tTYD obviously.)
Shadow *Peach* battle (Also obviously in PM:tTYD)

I can't think of anything else now, but let's see if you guys can think up anything.

Site Discussion / Little problem.
« on: September 24, 2006, 07:49:32 PM »
This only happens on the Fungi Forums so I'm posting here. (Unless the forums aren't really "Site Disscution" material.)
The font seems to constantly change on the board for some reason even after I adjust it back it goes back to "smallest" font size, I might be pretty lazy, but I don't like having to change the font size every time I come back on the board.

So, any solutions?

Forum Games / The History of Mario
« on: January 27, 2006, 09:19:32 AM »
I posted this on the Zelda Phorums and got some good reviews so I'd like to see what people here think, (Sorry if you wanted an Italian accent, I forgot.) here it is:

Long ago, in a kingdom hidden from all normal things (a.k.a. The Mushroom Kingdom), a mother and father just had children, their names were "Mario and "Luigi", the parents knew that they would some day be strong, and stop the one thing that kept the Mushroom Kingdom in danger, the evil King Koopa!!! This monster was a cross-breed of dragon and dino, that all MK residents feared, his evil fire breath would burn a whole village! But at this time he was only a young child, but a child that could still cause some of the worst chaos.

His mother and father disappeared some how, and he ended up with a creature in a species called "Magikoopas", which could somehow relate to the young trouble-maker. The parents of these babies had to find a place unknown from the evil Bowser, and found an island, called Yoshi's Island, they took their babies to a stork that could fly them. So at late evening, the stork took off with the babies, he flew for an hour or two before he noticed it had became very silent, not even crickets, so the stork decided to look around, when he blinked, a strange figure appeared and made the stork crash away, this figure took the sack that the babies were in, and flew away.

He was completely unaware that Mario had fallen out of the sack!! Luckily, a creature of the species "Yoshi" was walking that night and our little baby hero fell on his back. Once the Yoshi found this strange thing, he ran over to the other Yoshi's to show what he found, when Yoshi looked on his back again, he saw a map, Mario very swiftly, crawled over to the map and pointed to Baby Bowser's castle!! The Yoshis noticed that our little hero had something he had to do there so off the Yoshis went to help little Mario on his quest. They encountered many dangers, including strange masked creatures called Shy Guys, which seemed very odd.

Once Baby Mario and the crew of Yoshis arrived at the castle, they had some major kicking to do! They beat the evil monster, but Kemak the Magikoopa had something up his sleeve, he pulled out a wand and made little Bowser 20 times his size!! Seeming hopeless they almost gave up, but they found that it wasn't really all that hard when this great montser had one weakness;Eggs. He could absolutely not stand one bit of eggs, so came the victory of little Mario and the Yoshi crew, but our little trouble maker was not completely gone, as he said he would come back. Later on after a while the babies were sent back home to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Later on, luck for the Mushroom Kingdom came, a letter arrived for the mayor, from an unknown person, saying that two lucky parents would have two children that could save the whole kingdom, and that's when the two bros. were born, two years later, but as these babies were not strong yet, the parents had a plan to keep them until they reached 2 years old, which they did, and took the babies through a hidden warp pipe, that led to our world, they were raised as orphans, thinking that they were their normal parents, but never knew until they grew up. Once the bros. became older, they took separate paths, Luigi's path was never known, but Mario took the path of a carpenter.

Even before this they noticed they had an Italian accent, absolutely nobody knew why, Mario was about 25 years old when he met a young lady named "Pauline" he had a whole different feeling in his life. One day he called Pauline, but she didn't answer, which was surprising, because she always answered her phone, Mario looked in the paper and saw the headlines "GIRL GETS KIDNAPPED BY GIANT APE", Mario recognized that the girl in the picture was Pauline, and ran off to find her.

It took 5 hours of driving around New York until he found a building that was not even close to being constructed, he went up to the building and noticed it was 5 stories high. Mario had a very bad fear of heights, but that didn't stop him. Luigi happened to be walking by and saw Mario, but didn't know it was him, so he remarked "I'd have to be on crack or have some major crush on a girlfriend to do that.", so he walked by taking a lick of ice cream that he forgot to pay for. Meanwhile Mario had finally made it to the top floor of the building, flundering the ape's evil plan. After he rescued Pauline, he asked her a question "So, where did this dumb ape come from?". She replied that she didn't know. So, one day Mario decided to quit his job for the bad luck he came across with Pauline, he found an ad in the paper that said "Need an assistant for plumbing" Mario called the number, only to find out it was his!! Luigi just came through the door with a court date and some groceries. "How did you get this court date?" Mario asked. "Well I was buying ice cream and was distracted by this crazy guy running up a construction site, and forgot to pay." replied Luigi. Mario started acting really silent until three hours later and asked "Did you put an ad in the paper for an assistant plumber?". "Yeah, how did you know?" he said and asked. "Because I called it not knowing it was us." replied Mario.

"Okay, since you seem to want it you can have it, I should have told you I decided to be a plumber." said Luigi. So they were both together in the plumbing business. One day they had a job from someone that said the stuff that fell down the drain could never be pulled up by her previous plumbers, when the bros. got there they noticed it was Pauline that had the trouble, so they got right to it, the second Mario reached his hand down the drain he disappeared, Luigi was looking desperate to get inside, and was finally sent in along with Mario. Once the bros. came through, a weird creature with a mask came by and started stealing some nearby stuff. "That must be the stuff that fell down the drain!" exclaimed Mario.

They ran after the creature and came to a post office, in the post office was a wanted poster for a creature named Bowser, the bros. thought that may have a connection to the thing that stole Pauline's stuff. They explored this strange place and came across a mushroom-like creature "Are you the great ones that will save us?" the mushroom creature asked. The bros. were too confused to reply, they walked around a little more to find mushroom creatures that would always stare at them. A few hours later they found a large castle, the bros. went inside. The castle was full of doors and hallways, they kept looking around until they found a throne room, the throne was empty. The bros. looked around the throne and found a brown spotted mushroom creature that was cowering behind the throne.

"THE PRINCESS!!!" He screamed outraged. "Oh, we have visitors, please forgive me, our princess has just been kidnapped by the evil monster King Bowser, you don't look familiar with any of this so, I'll start explaining. You are in the Mushroom Kingdom, we are the MK residents the "Mushroom people, and my name is Toadsworth." he went on.

"I'd ask you to help, but you don't look like the right type ......" Toadsworth said again. The bros. felt something weird and took on the challenge of saving the princess, later on the met some enemies, and figured out that those old plumbing boots of theirs came in handy, they stomped enemies all over the place, until they met with a creature called Lakitu, this creature could fly in a cloud, and look like he was readly to swoop down, the bros. walked past slowly, but that didn't help Lakitu threw a spiky ball down from the cloud, the bros. stared at it, but then the spiky ball popped open!!

They looked at it as it was slowly walking toward them. "That's a Spiny." said the Lakitu. "You'd have a hard time doing anything about them." he said again. Suddenly, the Spiny dashed torwards them, the bros. jumped, but landed right on his spikes!! So the bros. ran as fast as they could away. Later on they encountered a strange box with a qeustion mark on it, Luigi tried to break it with his fist, but it didn't seem to be hard enough. "OUCH!!!" he screamed. "Wait, try a little harder." Mario told his bro. Luigi trys even harder and it broke! A coin came out, the bros. noticed that the boxes colors changed to brown, and the question mark disappeared. They went on and found a pipe. "Wow, that's a plumber's nightmare." remarked Luigi. "Let's check it out." said Mario. So they went on down, when they made it through they noticed that the pipe was out of reach and they could not go back through.

"WAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" Luigi cried insanely. Luigi felt way too scared to continue, but after a little bit of Mario's reassurance, Luigi calmed down and the bros. moved on. They continued for a little longer until they noticed that a bunch of bricks blocked most of their path. "Let's slide through the bricks!" Mario said. Luigi was not feeling to good about this, but after Mario went through, Luigi felt he could do it as well, he ducked and slid on through ............ but not quite, Luigi got stuck, but as soon as he started jumping around like crazy the bricks above him broke, and he was free again. They met another type of creature after a while in a shell, they stomped it, it jumped inside of it's shell, he tried to sneak out again but the bros. stomped it again, and the creature flew around like crazy.

Just then they saw a pipe, and another Question Mark Block, they broke the block and found a mushroom, Luigi was getting hungry, sohe ate it and became two times his size!! "Whoa, this is cool." Luigi said surprised. The bros. decided to go through the pipe, once they made it to the top, they made back to normal ground level, they also noticed that the ground became slightly elevated, and jumped up to the top, once they got to the top they saw a flagpole, Mario jumped on the flagpole and accidentally pulled down the flag, but the bros. saw a castle and went inside. The whole inside of the castle was full of traps and enemies, they got to an area of the castle and saw Bowser!!!

"Are you the one that kidnapped the princess?" asked Mario. "Yes, no prepare to met your doom." Bowser said evily. Bowser kept shooting fire out of his mouth, and the bros. kept on dodging, they noticed that Bowser was too strong, but also noticed an axe behind Bowser, Mario jumped past Bowser and on the axe, the wall behind the axe lifted away, and the platform Bowser was standing on fell apart. While Bowser was falling the noticed he transformed into one of the first creatures they encountered. The bros. went into the chamber hidden behind the wall that was broken, they saw a Mushroom person. "Thank you for saving me, but our princess is in another castle." the little Mushroom said. The bros. were upset that they didn't find the princess, but the little Mushroom gave them a gift. "This is an enemie guide, if you need to find out about an enemie you encounter look in here." the little shroom said again. So the bros. went on.

Wow, only 2 views, no posts, and the view's are mine.

Mario Chat / Touchable Mario art?
« on: January 21, 2006, 02:38:31 PM »
I thought that was one of my best topic titles ever, anyways, have you made any Mario fan art that you can actually feel? As in, clay Mario stuff, (and yes, I have seen that video on TMK's site), or maybe paper art that can stand up? Well, you know, I've made clay Mario stuff, but it failed pretty badly.

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