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Guess Mario's there to put him out of his misery. :c


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I made an even better mole level. Check it out.
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Here's my crappy version of the first level in Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA), done SMB style, with hidden mushrooms that turn you into all four playable characters from the game:


Here's my favorite airship stage I've made (it's apparently really hard... 4.58% clear rate):


I think I'll try all the levels posted here now.
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Cool work with the SMB2 remake. Found two of the four hidden 'shrooms.

I tried my darnedest on both of your mole levels, CE, but both had some bit that refused to cooperate. Stars still given as deserved, of course.

Reworked my first level a bit because everyone was dying on the first half, and no one on the second half. If you're able to fly up to where the Goombas/Koopa Clown Car are, please inform me.

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God help me, I have 29 Amiibo costumes left to get and they can only be unlocked in Expert mode.
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One of the best I've seen. Prepare your heart.

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Find your way into an underground laboratory and bear witness to the ungodly genetic experiments being performed within.

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My latest ghost house:


I hid a couple things in there. It's probably the most decent puzzle stage I've built.
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Here are my three absolutely terrible stages that I made.




I'm also working on a SMW castle stage which I'll post when I've finished/uploaded it.
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I didn't wanna buy this because I had Super Mario Bros. X and thought that was a better level editor, but now that I've played some of Super Mario Maker at a buddy's house, I really want it!


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I've finished the castle level that I made, so here it is:  A2DD-0000-009B-BC3A

Please remember to comment on anything I could improve on, as well as giving me a star if you liked any of my courses.
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I've been having a lot of fun with this.  Yesterday, I made a level which culminates in a Bowser Jr. battle with strategically placed springs.  My favorite stage I've played was a SMW recreation of one of the bramble levels from Donkey Kong Country 2.
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Hey everyone, new guy here. Nice to meet you Smile
112F-0000-0024-43E5 Metroid Nes Brinstar. Difficulty: easy
54DD-0000-0046-ED93 P switch puzzle level. Difficulty: moderate
C21D-0000-007A-CD90 Silent Hill. Difficulty: a little difficult

Luigi's Nightmare-Difficulty: moderate
The Wizard of Oz-Mario Edition-Difficulty:easy
hope you guys enjoy them!


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Parabeetle Castle

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Darn you, CE. Your accursed (but clever) mole level has made its way into Yoshis Woolly World as world 2's extra stage.
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