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Discuss the latest mailbag here.


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I don't really think the New Play Control games are lazy. It's not like they're doing them instead of new games; they're doing both. Yeah, we haven't gotten a Pikmin or a Kid Icarus yet, but we've got three Marios, two Zeldas, two Metroids, a Wario Land, and a Smash Bros. Besides, if they added anything significant to the games when they NPC'd them, half the fanbase would be yelling at them for wasting time doing more to them than they have to, and the other half would be mad that they changed anything and consider anything new in the game completely inferior. Besides, they're not necessarily counting on the people who already have the originals to buy them; there's a lot more people with Wiis than there ever were with Gamecubes, and hence there's a big audience of people who have never played the games but might like them.

I still think Leslie Swan was the best Peach voice.

Quote from: Sapphira
Here's some other interesting stuff: In Japanese, Mallow's Star Rain attack shares the same name as Paper Mario series' Shooting Star item: "Kirakira Otoshi." Same for Mallow's Shocker and PM's Thunder Rage: "Kaminari Dokkan." And Peach's Sleepy Time = PM's Sleepy Sheep: "Nemureyoikoyo." And Wilt Shroom = PM's Dried Shroom: "Shinabita Kinoko." But considering what the attacks/items do and how most of those consist of actual words, not made-up ones, they make sense.
That makes me happy. I love tying SMRPG and PM closer together.

I thought I remembered seeing a chalk outline somewhere else in Rogueport. Maybe not. I'd check if my copy wasn't in a different state.
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Oh yeah, there was a mailbag. Ha ha!
That was a joke.

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Is Leslie Swan a female who did Peach's voice in Super Mario 64 and is part of the American Localization team? Just wondering. Also, Mario says things in Super Mario Sunshine that you don't hear in game like "Open Salami" and other things when opening a door in the Test Room, though I can only prove this for the NTSC version. I'll have to get the recordings for further proof.
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ROM hacking with a slice of life.

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Dear Themushroomkingdom,
I have a super mario ball that i got as a "happy meal" in 2007.
i don't have a photo of it.
it was a special "get animated" theme ('playing catch")
- Steven

Aside from the non-spam, why does this remind me of Steven9wii?


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Because it is Steven9wii.


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I'm still not convinced that he's not my brother.
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Considering how slim the Mailbag pickings have been this year compared to past years MONTHS, would you guys answer pretty much anything we send out?
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I actually sent that e-mail a long time ago. I found out that the mysterious cart is one of the first things you see in the alpha trailer. You can actually jump on it and get launched in the air a little. As for that soccer ball and the giant Strollin' Stu, I'm not entirely sure what their purposes were. I speculate that the soccer ball was just some fun little object you can play around with because you see Mario doing just that in the alpha trailer, and I think the giant Strollin' Stu was the original main villain of the game.

Nice mailbag. You guys should try to do them more often.
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The Mario series is the best! It has every genre in video games but RTS'! It also has a plumber who does different roles, a princess, and a lot of odd creatures who don't seem to poop!