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*If you used Luigi's helicopter jump to break the game or at least to cheaply obtain numerous Stars, clap your hands*
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Played through a bunch of this tonight. I was surprised how little I cared about goofing around outside... I know where the real fun is, I guess.

It's kind of crazy how well I still know this game. It's not surprising, I played the [dukar] out of it, mostly because the N64 in the early years was so sparse. I got all 7 stars on the first two worlds, 2 on the next two worlds, got three secret stars, switched on the wing cap switch, got the red coin star in the first Bowser level, tossed his ass into a bomb, and caught MIPS before I realized I'd blown like two and a half or three hours. If my N64 controllers weren't so crusty and worn, I'd probably have played even longer.

I'll never forget the crushing disappointment of not getting an N64 the year it came out. I was devastated. My parents wanted to hint to me that it wasn't happening by letting me rent the system a couple days before hand. Either I didn't figure it out or I was too horrified to understand what was going on. That was rough. I got it a couple months later for my birthday though, which was awesome. I got Mario Kart 64 with it, which was annoying at first, but I had played the [dukar] out of Super Mario 64 during rentals (I actually beat it... not 120 stars though), so it was probably a smart move on my parents' part. And of course, MK64 is ****ing amazing. Plus I found out later they stayed up all night the night before my birthday playing it themselves. 

I remember during one of those rentals, when my sister was in her "cool" phase and liked to rip on my for playing video games, she and her boyfriend sat together on the couch and watched me play Mario 64. For a WHILE, too. I don't think they were screwing around, because I was literally setting like two feet away from them, but I was probably too engrossed in the game to notice. I mean, I would have noticed, I think they were just kind of digging the game. It was such a weird, new thing at that time, and before her cool phase, my sister and I played the [dukar] out of Mario 3 and World together, I think this kind of threw her for a loop.

When I booted up my game to play tonight, I still had two save files with 120 stars on them. I think I just copied my 120 star files for "safety" but it was pretty cool seeing them still there. It was amazing how much came back to me. Little things, neat little surprises and tricks I had committed to memory. The owl that pops out of the tree on the second level, the treasure chests the electrocute you if you pick them in the wrong order, where to place the cannon aiming reticule to get a perfect shot to the tree on the floating island, luring the big ugly eel out of his cave. Awesome stuff.

I've been kind on a huge Mario Kart kick lately, and since this is the N64's birthday too, I'm thinking about booting MK64 for old time's sake...
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I didn't get a 64 until 1998 or 1999, my first game for it was Banjo-Kazooie. I didn't get SM64 until mid-2000. For not being gamers themselves my parents were smarter than I was about how to play them--they knew I would have loved to get Super Mario 64 with the console, but they got me Banjo instead to try and get me to branch out my interests. It didn't by any means disappoint me and I know for sure I never complained.

And then, two and a half years ago it was Banjo who persuaded me to get a 360, on the 360 I played Dead Rising, the main character of which was a huge selling point for me in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom which became the first traditional fighting game I paid enough attention to to learn it...

Cause and effect, yo

Nah this post isn't about SM64 at all
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Happy 15th anniversary, Super Mario 64!

I always come back to games like this one every now and then and try to find easier ways to complete each level. I don't remember when I got my Nintendo 64, but I remember my dad just bringing it home randomly one day with Super Mario 64. I can still remember that day as if it happened yesterday.
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Way to make it to 15 3-D Mario! Although, he always seemed to grasp an older appearance. Strange...
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I think I just copied my 120 star files for "safety"

I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that. I feel almost "unsafe" in games that have no save file, per se. (mostly the spinoffs, like Mario Kart).
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I've made a habit of doing that ever since my 100-hour file in PM:TTYD got corrupted.
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Today's the 15th anniversary of the US release, and IGN has a nice write-up nostalgia-bombing 10 of the game's best moments: ... 8IGN+DS%29

Definitely agree with the obvious ones (title-screen face, outside the castle, Bowser battles) but I was stoked to see Dorrie on here. That level ruled like crazy. Great music, great atmosphere, wide variety of challenges. [darn] it I love this game.
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How long did everybody spend trying to get Dorrie to eat Mario

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Super Mario 64 certainly is a classic and I am really glad that it got remade for the DS.
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I've made a habit of doing that ever since my 100-hour file in PM:TTYD got corrupted.
I got one by leaving the Wii on overnight while the game was paused.