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I'm steadily, slowly, losing weight. Not just shrimpy numbers that make me feel better, either. I've mentioned in the chatroom that my friend got me a Large T-shirt for Christmas and it didn't fit me then, but now it does, and so does this Large shirt I used to wear four years ago. I've had this bag of shorts I stopped wearing around my sophomore year of high school because they were getting unnervingly tight on my crotch, and now they all fit me comfortably again. The pairs of shorts I've been wearing normally for the last couple of years slide off me when I don't use a belt...

I'm still sort of a chubby guy but I've been losing about a pound every day and I intend to keep that up. It's been nearly effortless, too, just a matter of eating less (and far less fast food) and moving more... nothing special...

Edit: Incidentally, the shirt I mentioned that I wore four years ago that now fits me again has the old Dr Pepper logo on it, and part of how I've been slimming down is drinking much less soda than I used to. So that's hilarious.
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A pound a day? Move over Jenny Craig!
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I preordered Otomedius Excellent the other day, so between that and Catherine, I'll have two video game-themed pillowcases. Only one of which will actually be used because I like Katherine more.

I'd try to find a copy of the Record of Agarest War LE so I'd have a third video game pillowcase, except I don't like tactical RPGs and Idea Factory is a terrible company.


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I'm posting this from my 3DS that just arrived in the mail.
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My tuition went up but my financial aid was also reviewed and so now I only owe a thousand! I'm not as broke as I thought I was, and I move into the dorms in 17 days. Success.
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jukebeat hit the iPad yesterday and I got to play it on my friend's pad today. SUPER MEGA AWESOME FUN. The highest a game has made me in a long time. I need an iPad stat.

Later in the day in a game of Innovation, three of us were all kind of on the verge of being able to win with a fourth player who was significantly worse off. But then the loser fourth guy invented Fission and in a rage nuked the entire world back to the Stone Age, obliterating all hands, scores, and played cards from the previous hour of gameplay. After puttering around awhile in this post-apocalyptic world (the wheel was re-invented at one point), cards ran out causing the game to end. It was a three-way tie between me and the other two players who had been doing well because we all had 0 points and the same amount of historic achievements (the only thing not destroyed by the nukes) causing the Fission-using fourth dude to be THE ONLY LOSER.

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Quote from: the first article I see about it on Google
three free tracks, with four additional track packs, each containing four songs, currently available for $3.99 each
**** you, Konami. I'm not putting up with this in English either.

They did the same thing with the Japanese version, where the actual price tag for the game in USD is almost as high as the cost of the cheapest non-contracted iOS device capable of playing it. (Not a joke - thirty-two song packs for the Japanese version at 450JPY apiece comes out to almost two hundred dollars.)

I think the best sales model I've seen for an iOS rhythm game yet is what Pentavision does for TapSonic, wherein the player pays for points that are spent every time they play songs. Six dollars in TapSonic gets you ten thousand points, or over six hundred plays of any song in the game. And it starts with twenty free plays, and they update for free all the time.


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I'm more than halfway done getting all the Shiny Gold Medals in Donkey Kong Country Returns.
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Our truck died, but we got it back up and running today. And my own car (unrelated to the one I mentioned before; that one died pretty horribly) should hopefully be in working order by the end of the week.

Oh, and if I didn't make it sort of obvious here when I said people should buy games to play online with me, we're getting better Internet here. 6Mb/s download, cheaper than our current service, and no bandwidth cap.


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Today I bought the 360 version of DJ Hero 2, Qubed (retail compilation of Rez HD, Lumines Live!, and Every Extend Extra Extreme), the Sega Superstar Tennis/XBLA Compilation bundle that came with new 360s for a while, Sakura Wars ~So Long, My Love~, and Guilty Gear: Judgment. Sakura Wars and DJ Hero 2 were both new copies, the latter came with the turntable, and I only spent a bit over sixty bucks for everything.

And my new Internet is scheduled to be installed on September 13th. I wish we could get it sooner, but oh well.


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Xbox 360 purchased! Slightly under $250 shipped for a new 4GB console and a new 250GB slim HDD. Both should be here before the end of the month.

I love Amazon so much.

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Did you buy the console used?


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new 4GB console
Oh, and the console (and the Play & Charge Kit I ordered after posting that) shipped today. I should hopefully have both before the end of the week.

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Whoops. Anyway I didn't see any new consoles on there for under 200 but that's cool you got one.