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A Happy Valentine's Day to you!! Thought, since right now I'm doing some different things, and I'm in Great Mouse Detective mode, I'll share some loving pics of old...and not as old!

Surprised I didn't show this one earlier.

This is definitely old! XD But this character belongs to my best buddy, and in our RP she belongs to Kamek (lucky fella!)

Not even sure why I'm showing this, except to show that I had a tough time, and it happens when I'm worried too much about other artists. :P

This character I got to adopt from my li'l bro, who made quite an awesome story about him. Shocker, who would be Bowser's bro in that RP I briefly mentioned!

Older one...these aren't all loving! XD I see ego, evil thoughts and anger more than love! This is one of my best pictures that I ever made. The first that I completed after being awake for almost two days straight!

This one is just cute. I took artistic license with Merlee from Paper Mario, but in that RP, Bleck and Merlee reeeally like each other! He gets really sweet about her after she picked up his broken heart on the beach once. :3


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Don't let ShadowBrain see Kamek's girlfriend.
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Uh-oh... XD Probably won't help to know that it's his extremely LOVING wife in the RP. Guess not...I won't say NOTHIN' if you don't. :3


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Judging by apparel, she's already more than familiar with the concept of a harem...
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Well...<3 Nah, nah, that's still not how she rolls, despite the thing I was thinking about. o_o

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Love everyone of these! Hope you've got more to show us soon! :)

I'm new here btw nice to meet ya'll...I've been playing Mario games since 86....have never stopped,never will! See ya'll around!

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Months later... >_< A lot of craziness has happened and for a while I hadn't drawn ANY Mario stuff! XD So, these couple of pictures were done over several months. :D

I made this for my best buddy's contest! I drew her flower-loving character, Jacob, and a "kind" Piranha Plant trying to shelter him. :3 Used markers and...coloured pencils!

Same friend and I are back at working our comic! I tell you, life can have a looong story to tell, but seeing stories about the Mario crew is much more fun! It's still over at Koopasta on DeviantArt!

Oh...I see you can add attachments. Should I be using that feature instead of my site?? Eh, well, I don't mind either way! Glad to share some stuff again!


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Oh, hey!  Been a while.

I could've sworn I've seen that comic recently, but it didn't even click in my mind until seeing it here that it was the same comic.  ._.

In any case, maybe stick around a bit longer this time?
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but death is life and so we move on"

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I'll definitely try! I never meant to be gone so long, but some cruddy things happened and I had to disappear for awhile. :( I'm sorry! I'll stick around more often, now that things have settled down! :)

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You know, that Piranha Plant piece probably caters to at least three different fetishes.
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XD As long as I didn't imply anything, I'll let things fly. LOL!