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As I sat at the "You can now play as Luigi" screen in Mario Galaxy, I wondered how Luigi got into space. He wasn't even at the Star Festival in the first place (or was he?) and apparently Peach, her guards, and Mario were the only ones that were put into space. But then, I thought of a story, not only explaining how he got into space, but telling what he did while Mario collected his fair share of 60 stars. The first 2 chapters are a little short, but I swear, they get longer! Here's Chapter 1 (when I wrote it I was listening to Eric Clapton's After Midnight):

Chapter One - After Midnight

Mario watched as his quick brother, Luigi, ran at top speed toward Peach's Castle.

"Come on, Mario! You can run faster!" yelled Luigi. Mario nodded and managed to get an inch closer to Luigi, who was about 5 yards ahead. Mario stopped to catch a breath, and told Luigi he'd catch up later. The 'shroom ravioli dinner wasn't sitting so well after all that running, but Mario felt happy and didn't care about the cramp. He spread out his arms like an airplane and ran to the Castle Area gates. He finally reached them and yelled "Yahoo!" after letting out a magnificent jump.

Luigi was a bit tired, and noticed his Toad friends roasting some rotisserie fried Goomba. "Hey, Luigi," said the red Toad, "wanna join us?" Luigi nodded and sat down with his fellow Mushroom Kingdom citizens. Luigi ate some and, feeling very enlightened, lay down to watch the stars. "We're gonna go say hi to the Princess, L-man!" "Okay, and don't ever call me L-man again."

As he was looking up, he saw a familiar red-hatted individual. "Bro! Come have some Goomba with us!"

As Mario approached, the Tower of a nearby building fell in front of him. "Whoa-ow!" said Mario. He looked to the side and saw Bowser's airships approaching, opening fire on the Star Festival. Mario ran past several frozen Toads and ducked to avoid an incoming cannonball. He ran as fast as he could to Peach's castle.

Luigi, in fear, jumped into the castle moat. In the middle of his jump, one of the loops of his extra sturdy overalls caught on a stick hanging out from the castle. Luigi screamed at the top of his lungs and was overcome by his screaming, so he fainted.

Chapter Two - A Familiar Spooky Manor

Luigi felt nudging on his cap. "Luigi? Luigi!" "Eh?"

Luigi woke up on the ground of a strange planet. He saw his Toad friends and 3 pumpkin-headed Goombas trapped in a bag. "Luigi! You're awake! Listen, Princess Peach and Mario were blown off to other galaxies!" Luigi was alarmed. Not by what the Toad said, but by the sight he beheld.

He saw the mansion. The mansion he won, the one Mario was kidnapped in, and the one he beat King Boo in. He trembled. "We gotta go in there! I bet that's where Mario is!" All the Toads looked at each other and shrugged. The group ventured across the bridge to the mansion. They felt funny when they were crossing, like gravity distorted or something.

They entered through the door, and saw a boo. Luigi had encountered too many, and it was getting old. He pulled out the Light-O-Matic flashlight in his pocket and shone it on the Boo, who vanished. Luigi picked up the key, and went upstairs to unlock the door. When he unlocked it, a large Boo popped out.

The Toads ran all through the Foyer, while Luigi ran into the corner. One of the Toads fell through the floor into a cannon. His head popped out and he told the group, "In here, guys!" A window opened up in front of the cannon and revealed a not-too-far-away galaxy. The Toads all ran for the cannon, looking back and yelling "Come on, Luigi!" Luigi made a run for the cannon. He was almost there, but he couldn't stop and crashed into a wall. The cannon blasted the Toads through the window , while Luigi turned around and raised his hands, surrendering.

The Boo and his friends led Luigi to a jail cell, where he hid in the corner. "Here's a plushie toy, kid!" a boo said as he tossed Luigi a glowing Power Star.