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This is a fanfic I am currently working on. I got caught up in all of the Christmas spirit, and decided to write a story that is not related to Christmas in any way whatsoever.

Anyway, the general premise of this story is that it's a crossover, though I've tried to make it more original than the millions of other crossovers out there. Whether or not I've succeeded, well... you be the judge.

All characters used in this story do not belong to me (dang) but rather belong to their respective owners, who I believe are solely Nintendo and Sega. Before beginning the story, I'd like to thank them for making such inspiring games. And now for something completely different; the story itself.

PROLOGUE: It Doesn’t do to Dwell on Dreams…

The evil behemoth loomed over both of the heroes, an unnaturally loud roar emanating from its fang-filled mouth, before sending a powerful punch in the direction of the red-clad champion.

“Watch out!” shouted his blue partner, but it was too late; Mario was crushed beneath the scaly fist, as the cries of his friends provided a backdrop to a booming, roaring laughter. It seemed to put salt in the emotional wounds inflicted upon the witnesses, affirming their belief that Mario was really gone…

The blonde woman awoke with a start, sweating profusely. She sat upright in her pampered bed, breathing heavily. Her eyes were wide, staring without seeing, and trying to dispel the nightmares that had plagued her.

“Trouble, m’lady?” asked a meek voice.

“Not at all, Toadsworth,” the golden-haired beauty said quietly, still spooked by her vision.

Princess Peach Toadstool was not new to having nightmares; during the span of her life so far, she had undergone many terrifying experiences- most involving a certain Bowser- but this one seemed different. She had often dismissed her nightmares as just bad dreams, but now…

“Are you sure?” Toadsworth asked again.

Peach gazed down at her diminutive friend through stunning cerulean eyes; he was an old Mushroom Retainer, one of the many who resided in the Mushroom World. His small beady eyes were filled with worry as he absently scratched at his mushroom-top, white with brown spots. An uncomfortable squirming feeling erupted into her stomach as she realised the repercussions her dream had had on the aging Mushroom Retainer. He was leaning heavily on his walking stick, his generally neat attire looking scruffy and his white moustache unkempt. However, the word moustache triggered something in her memory… Mario, who wouldn’t panic like this…

“Yes, I am quite sure, Toadsworth,” she replied, struggling to keep the tremor out of her voice, “You appear to be quite tired; may I recommend a good night’s sleep?”

Toadsworth appeared to relax. Peach smiled to herself; after being rescued so many times by the moustached hero, she began to act more like him, more courageous and brave than the timid and regal princess who had originally been kidnapped by the evil Koopa King. Mario wouldn’t let himself fall apart because of something like that, and neither shall I, Peach mused.

Toadsworth, satisfied that the princess was alright, left the room, pulling a rich wooden door shut behind him. Peach was out from under the soft crimson covers in an instant; she pulled on a rose-coloured satin gown, getting to her feet and rushing to the door. The nightmare had been realistic; too realistic to be a coincidence. She had to see if Mario was alright. Pressing an ear to the door, she listened for any footsteps; there were none. She pulled open the door, stepping through the doorway quietly and making sure not to make too much noise. Mario was staying on the floor above her, in preparation for his surprise 30th birthday party.

So, why am I here-a, princess?” he had asked as he stepped gallantly into the palace’s main hall.

It’s a surprise,” she had replied, grinning to herself, “but you should get your rest. It’ll be a busy day tomorrow.

In the present, Peach Toadstool took a deep breath.

“It was just a dream,” she told herself sternly, “and when you walk up to his room, everything’ll be just the way it was before you fell asleep. Just relax.”

And, without further ado, she dashed into the darkness, willing her heart to heed what reassurances she had voiced.

A bit on the short side, but the next few chapters (or the ones I've written, at any rate) are longer. Anyway, enjoy, and Merry Christmas.
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