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Since I got a new E-mail address ( and Signature
(Metal Mario rides Golden Yoshi
Mario rides Yoshi
Metal Mario rides Yoshi
Mario rides Golden Yoshi...
gee, combinations ARE confusing!), I need to edit the profile, right? Well, the stupid profile editor doesn't let me change it!! What should i do?
New user, or ask Deezer?

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(This is GoldenYoshi)
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Did you have the browser remember the password then accedentally forget it? If so, then ask Deezer to change it and tell him to send the new one to your new e-mail (, right?).

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Your sig looks the same to me
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my sig is good. if you fall for it, just look at it and think about it . . . 7/4/1776? 13:70 RM QST?

(sorry about that post, I just like to act stupid)

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