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Hey, to anyone at TMK who happens to be interested, I just happened to acquire several Mario-related tunes that I haven't heard before (including on WTMK.)  Tell me if you're interested in/have heard/don't need/whatever these:

DJPretzel - Mario64 SunkenSuite OC Remix : A nice remix of the water tune from Mario 64 by DJPretzel (Hmmm... I've heard that name before...)
Jaroban - Super Mario Medley (Live) : Exactly that, a live performance of a Super Mario medley.
Bros. 2 -- Super Buck Jazz : Dunno who the artist is, but it's a very well-done jazzy Mario 2 overworld.
Analoq - SMB3 Aquacadence : The SMB3 underwater tune with a very dramatic feel to it.
Mustin - La Samba de Agua : A live samba version of the water world's map theme from SMB3.
Virt - DrMario Funky Pills OC Remix : a great version of the Chill and Fever songs from Dr. Mario.
Kaijin/JAXX - Marioland - Reel Big Mario - OC Remix : Good remix of the Super Mario Land tune.
Spacepony - Let's go Mario : A sort of loose remix of the SMW tune with some sounds added as rhythm.
World -- Super Mario's Sleigh Ride : Dunno the artist.  Sort of Super Mario World fused with Christmas tunes.  Weird.
DJPretzel - SuperMarioWorld Vegas OC Remix : There's DJPretzel again... a very sw.anky remix of the SMW tune.

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The Mario2 Superbuck Jazz tune was done by Estradasphere.

Mario's Sleigh Ride was done by OneUp Studios.