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How do make your profile signature thing that I see everyone (or a lot of people) have at the end of their post?

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 Click on "profile" in the upper right hand corner of your screen, under "TMK/Fungi Forums."

 Then input your User name and Password.

 Following that, write your signature there.

 Then you must check that little box under your posts to be sure it is included.


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See in the upper-right corner where it says TMK / Fungi Forums? Click where it says profile. Then type in your user name and password. There you can edit your info and can make/change your sig. Submit it and there ya go!

BTW, if you have any ' in your post, it'll change to a ". To avoid that, go to Word and type a '. It should change to a smart quote. Copy-paste that into your sig. ;)

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