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David here...

There is a SLIGHT possibility we'll be doing some interviews in the near future with various people in the world of something or another. Anyway, questions for you readers...

Who would be good to interview, and what should we ask them?

Possibilities so far include Charles Martinet (voice of Mario) um.. and Toad Girl (if you don't know, don't worry).

Yeah, so I'm not the most impressive interview guy. If you have a better idea and some industry connections, lemme know.
Let's do the Mario, all together now!

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Welll....... You could ask Mr. Martinet about...
Why does Mario have a voice like that of an Italian Mickey Mouse?
Did he not do any voice acting in Wario Ware?(thats something I want to know. Why was his name not in the credits if he did?)
... Thats all? Gawd! You'd think I'd have more questions for him!

Either way, I''m still a cad! I hate everybody! Yaaarrrgh!
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Hmm. I have lots of questions but for some reason, I can't remember them.
That was a joke.