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"Oh man... I'm going to die for this.  I just know it.  What am I thinking?  They might kill me!  I don't know if this is a good idea." The smart, handsome, and frequently-known-to-lie Yoshisaurus Rex stared at the blank message box on TMK and didn't know what to do.  He desperately needed an answer to this perplexing question but felt worried that this may not be the right place to ask it.  "Will people hate me for asking this here?  Will they repeatedly kick my b*tt and throw me in the Deezer dungeon to feed me bread?  Do I dare to do this daring deed of dukar and despair?  When all of life has given me strife and thrown sand in my brown hair?"

YR gulped and decided that he should take a chance and so he typed up his question and hit the "Post" button, dreading what was about to come.  That's when it happened.  The window to the right of his computer smashed apart and a large black object flew through it into the room.  It was a bob-omb!  To Be Continued...

And if you just read all of that, you can congratulate yourself for having less of a life than I do! XD Just kidding.  But like I said above, I have this little question that I really want to know the answer to.  I'm sorry if it's a waste of time or if it's been answered before, but I'm not intending to cause problems.  My situation is listed below and I underlined the main questions for your quick accessing pleasure!

I have this big Yoshi fan fiction that I'm currently writing and I really like, but I don't know what to do with it.  I’ve been thinking about putting it up on other fan websites so more people can read it, but I have also been thinking about whether I should maybe try to publish it someday.  I know that could be impossible since Nintendo has a copyright on their games, characters, and everything else, but who knows what could happen in the future? (If Nintendo goes overboard with their innovation thing or something.) Do you know if anyone has tried to publish their Nintendo fan fiction and what happened?  Is there any way to publish things related to Nintendo without their permission?

I know that I could easily have no trouble giving the story to a website, but then I worry that if I could make it into a book somehow that people wouldn’t buy it after reading it already.  Or maybe they would steal the idea and claim that it was their story.  For the first problem, I could probably take care of easily by adding more chapters that aren’t in the original, or changing things, or only showing part of it as a sample.  But the second problem would be... a problem.  So here’s my second question.  Do you know if fan fiction websites have an option that will prevent cheapskates from copying and pasting the words from my work?  Or if I can make it un-copy-able or whatever? >_> That would really help me a lot.

One thing I should mention is that the size of this story is already growing HUGE (possibly to the length of a real book) and that could scare many fans from reading.  But I do think it will be a great story and I will take whatever advice I can get for what I should do.  This reminds me of that one thread about someone who wanted to make a Mario movie, but this is on a much lower-scale. (I'm only going to aim for a movie if I can get it published and it does good enough.  And, yes I do think it will be that good IMO!) Thank you! (=(:  )@)
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Hey! Everyone's favorite paper thin fellow story writer here to answer all your questions. If you're planning to publish a fan-fic about Miyamoto's dino, then you may or may not be in luck. The "Golden" books, as you may know, give credit to Miyamoto. Where it it is cited, I don't know, but it is illeagle to publish something else without credit. Otherwise the blue men with dangerous weapons may come after you. You may need to join up with a company like "Golden" before even attempting to publish it. About your second question..........I have no clue. XD.

I'm sorry that most of this information is somewhat useless, as you most likely knew all of this before. But if it helps, this is what I know. Good luck with that story, YR.
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Thanks, PaperLuigi!  Lol, the blue men.  Yeah, the information doesn't help too much but I'm glad you reminded me about the Golden books.  I still have "The Perilous Pit" so I took a "look-look" inside of the book to see if it mentioned Miyamoto.  I didn't see his name anywhere, just a mention of Nintendo.  Odd.

I think there's a few more details of this story I need to mention too.  One of them which is IMO that it would probably not make a good children's book.  Aside from the length, this story has a few nonviolent-but-still-freaky scenes with the potential to scare some kids.  And even for those who couldn't care less about that, there's a much greater chance that it could make everyone so sad that they want to cry (and I've felt a little bit of these emotions myself while writing it >_>).  Even though it may not be as "bad" as some fan fictions, it still isn't the best for certain ages.  I wrote for guys and girls of all ages (that can handle these situations) but it's probably most aimed at young teens and especially those who are huge Mario fanatics like mwah.  But on the other hand, maybe I'm just overlysensitive to the overlysensitive little kids.  Anyway, thanks for the encouragement!

Btw, the reason I waited so long to reply was because I wanted more replies but I don't know if that will happen.  Maybe I should move this to a different forum.  Or maybe I should just keep asking more people.  I'm trying not to become hopeless!
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