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My question got in the mailbag! (Hooray) But one thing deezer. where DO you get the CD's from? I'd probably know more about it than me.

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OMG! LMAO! I know this is off topic but i am talking about music. I found a Radio station DEDICATED to All Your Base Are Belong To Us songs. NOTHING ELSE! Its hilarious! Just go into your winamp and enter this is too funny!

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(Sorry, I'm just sick and tired of people makeing weird acronyms that no one knows unless you've had someone explain it to you four times.)

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Well Sorry sheesh. OMG means oh my god and LMAO means laughing my arse (cant put the actual word up on the board i think) off. sheesh.


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I'd say 99% of the stuff you hear on WTMK can be found on Napster.

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OOOH yeah. wsell since it took so long i just got tired and i just broke my cd player (i hit it with my hammer because it wouldnt work) so now i have to go replace that so buying cd's isnt my thing. if Napster is shut down i found another place to get most of the music its a place called AudioGalaxy it works alot better than Napster. thanks anyways deezer. :-)