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« on: December 26, 2008, 09:40:05 PM »
Anyone else have this game? I just got it. It's my first COD game. It's still pretty hard IMO, and I have it on easy >_<.

The graphics are pretty good, much better then Halo. Right now I'm on the part where you need to kill the Nazi's on that tower. It's the third mission, I think.

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My brother got it for Christmas. Which sucks, because this'll drastically cut my xbox time short. I haven't played it yet.

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Yeah both of my brothers have World At War. It's more fun online many people but multiplayer death match is pretty fun.
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Played it at my friend's house; graphics are good, it's got some new missions that haven't been in every other WWII game ever, and the soundtrack sucks. I'm going to get it, beat it, and then exclusively play the Nazi Zombies mode.

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1 Player mode is just bad because you can only go in the way the game wants you to go not like the other games in the series. While I only played multiplayer at my friend's house, it's the best part of the game. Online multiplayer is awesome and to not to mention the achievements for challenges, they are pretty interesting.
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and the soundtrack sucks.

I can't really disagree, or agree. It's pretty meh. The weirdest thing though is how you start hearing an electric guitar in the second mission which is totally random and is the only time in the game (so far, at least as much as I know) where it does that rather then the normal orchestra music.

And yeah, multiplayer is the best part. I think it's really funny when you walk in on like, 3 enemies and you stab them all and you get three kills.

And the challenges are fun too. Like, there's one for blowing up a car.