Author Topic: I NEED HELP ON MY SUPER MARIO ADVANCE~!!!!  (Read 1123 times)

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i'm totally stuck in my super mario advance game! does anyone here HAVE super mario advance on GBA? anyways, i'm in world 2-3 but i'm realli stuck on the key part with the faces. can someone help me TOTALLY?

~**gB adVAnCe RoCkS thE hoUSe~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**~
~**gB adVAnCe RoCkS thE hoUSe~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**~

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I have Super Mario Advance, but why are you stuck on level 2-3?
Just get the key and run.  If you see the masks coming at you, throw the key away untill it leaves then pick it up again and start running.

Very effective.


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or......Jump or duck the floating heads. If you are invincible, i think the floating heads are destroied.

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