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Personally, I believe licking things to be an interesting topic that is not unimportant, nintendofreak.  I'd go into detail, but that would be going off topic.  BTW, who wasa taller, and how old are you, Vid?

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This is why I prefer threaded message boards...

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...With just a hint of cheese...

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Markio: Can't remember who was taller, and we are the same age (15).
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I guess that means Meowrik is taller.
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Mamamia Mario: I should punch you in the head for that.

We are pretty close in height, but we really won't know until Meowrik comes back....
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nintendofreak: If you don't care about the original topic, then don't bother to come to it and tell us!

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Well, if MMM WERE to meet me, this "grand event" would be *ME* punching him in the head... And getting a restraining order.

Anyway, I do have a reason for reviving this topic. As many of you know (well, at least many of the people who go to the chatroom), I went up to Maryland this weekend. While there, Red Paratroopa and I met.

I have family that lives pretty close by to him, so we thought it would be pretty cool to meet, since I was going up there. So we planned everything out beforehand.

On Saturday, I went to a play he was in at his school, and after it was over we talked a bit, then went to the cast party. (He's a talented actor, btw. ;P )

On Sunday, I went over to his house, and we talked and played video games (of course XD) and such. The whole thing was really fun, but also really awkward, and yet extremely cool. For those of you going to LA in May, heads up that it will be similarly extremely cool, fun, and extremely awkward. I mean, it is TOTALLY different from talking online.
I'm still kind of incredulous that I actually got to meet someone from TMK in real life, but it was awesome. XD

Oh, and we're about evenly skilled when it comes to video games; it seemed like every round it would switch off who won. XD  We played MK:DD and SSBM.
Oh, and I think it's safe to say that RP's the taller one. XP

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Hey, that's neat. Just for relavance, not to infer that I plan on doing anything about it, Watoad lives about 1.8 hours away from me. I made up that estimation, but it's probably quite close.

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That's so cool! I'd like to meet him just to prove I'm not some fat pudgy kid like he think I am....
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Yes, it is a very different experience, meeting someone from online in person.

I was usually very quiet at the party, except when I made a few inside jokes Meow's friends didn't get.

I also accidently called him "Meowrik" in front of his mother at one point, which confused her. We played games, we did stuff like that.
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I was really hoping to see LD at that Wendy's in Havre.  That would have been cool, if our family wasn't in such a hurry.

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I happen to live smack dab in the middle o' Missouri. So it looks like I live at least two states away from any of you, and I very rarely leave mine, so in this condition I'll never meet a single soul from TMK. You lucky few.....

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Whoa, this topic is hilarious!! Thanks for digging it up, Sapph! I'm really glad I got to read through it. But it makes me wonder: Where was Lizard during all that?

Thanks also for the report of your adventure, Sapph. Interesting to read, and good to know that you had a fun time. The awkwardness you describe isn't something I'd thought about much, but I guess it's to be expected somewhat. I've mastered my shy tendencies to some degree, though, so I reckon that in LA I can just start acting weird from the outset if necessary. (If I'm behaving embarrassingly, then those watching won't have much reason to feel awkward, right? Or if they're of the ultra-mature strand, then maybe they'd just want to leave. Hmm.)

Suffix, what?! Are you serious? I was under the dark impression that Popple is the only other member to inhabit the northwestern-most chunk of the contiguous states besides myself. Where in it he lives I've not a clue, and it has been just fine with me to remain ignorant about that.

But what's the deal with you, Suffix? If you live that close to me (I'm guessing you based your estimate from the map I posted in, then you must live either in Western Washingaton—where with the exception of this winter the rains wash us right down the drains—or in the Pacific Ocean. And I think even the ocean is more than 1.8 hours from here. So in which building-and-people cluster do you reside?

Before the E3 possibility came up, I had always thought that Chup would be the first member I'd meet, but that hasn't happend. Also, last December I made very preliminary to drive to Bozeman to see Lizard, but I didn't end up making the trip for a number of reasons. Could you, then, end up being my first online-to-in-person acquaintance?

KoopaSlaya, while it's safe to say that I don't know you, it's a bit of a massively impossible stretch to say that I think you're fat. Where on Earth did you buy that idea? It certainly didn't come from my concession stand.

CashCrazed, there is a somewhat slim possibility that I'll go to Missouri someday if I can. For in the St. Louis suburb of Florissant lives an online man whom I would very much like to meet in person. Ever heard of that place?

I wonder if any human exists who has met or has been seen in person by two distantly located members of the forums? (If you're ready to answer with Red Paratroopa's family or something, then you don't understand my wondering.)

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Indeed, I inhabit western Washington. More of a southern part, though. This winter is very odd indeed. I wore shorts today, with a T-shirt, and am still doing so... Well, that makes sense. I fear that the electricity bills will be dreadful this summer. Or "suffer," that is. Hmm... Suffer, Suffix. Ouch.