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Like I said, Ridley would be nice if he were playable, but I think being a boss does him the most amount of justice.


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I wanna see a fighter designed for all the giant characters in games.  Ridley, Kraid, Sunshine/Galaxy 2!Bowser, pretty much any boss from lots of Zelda games...
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I'm pretty sure the Ridley comment was a troll joke.
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What they need to do is give Ganondorf's moveset a complete overhaul. When do you ever see him throw punches in battle on the Zelda games?  I sure haven't.  Give him some projectiles and one of his swords!  I was quite disappointed when I found out he was still a Falcon semi-clone in Brawl.  To add insult to injury, they had to cocktease us with that taunt where he pulls out the sword.
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At least they managed to de-clone him somewhat in Brawl. At this point I doubt they'll change it any further than that.


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Somebody made a moveset mod for him where that taunt actually has him pull the sages' sword out and use it (or, in an alternate version, a Darknut's sword). As could be expected it's kind of a... wobbly... job. He feels pretty overpowered and I can't actually tell what one of his moves is supposed to do.

Also he flips you off if he loses.
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What they need to do is give Ganondorf's moveset a complete overhaul. When do you ever see him throw punches in battle on the Zelda games?  I sure haven't.  Give him some projectiles and one of his swords!  I was quite disappointed when I found out he was still a Falcon semi-clone in Brawl.  To add insult to injury, they had to cocktease us with that taunt where he pulls out the sword.

I'm kinda glad he doesn't use the sword, we have enough sword characters as it is. Brawling warlocks, not so much.
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He can keep the kicks, and maybe one or two punches.   I'm just saying that his moveset in Smash Bros. seems a bit out of place because in Zelda, he usually fights with swords or projectile spells.  Granted you don't usually see Zelda in combat, but the games at least hint that she would be quite good in battle with her magic spells.
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I've been thinking lately that King Hippo would be pretty cool to have in alongside Little Mac. He's got somewhat iconic status as a Punch-Out!! character, for the trick it takes to beat him... he's the first character in the Wii game who stands out as being more than a joke. I guess he owes some of his fame to his being on Captain N, but the point is that he has fame.

He'd also be the only large character (in the same ranks as Donkey Kong, Bowser, Dedede and Charizard) to be a human... which is debatable, now that I think of it.

Seems to be like an unspoken rule among wish list makers to only allow one character per new wanted franchise, only ever the main hero, and for another-time-another-place series, only ever the main hero from the first game. Admittedly it'd be weird to have Isaac and Matthew together at the same time as the same age... I should play a Golden Sun sometime


Also lately I've been thinking more and more that instead of a game that adds on to Brawl and attempts to render it, Melee and 64 obsolete and not worth playing, I'd rather have a new game altogether. I can think of dozens of ways I'd change Mario, Luigi, Samus, and Kirby. I'd like to see a large chunk of the characters gone, and not replaced.

"But BP what about people who would miss their favorite characters or not want to learn their new moves," you ask. That is part of my point here. I have a lot of ideas for possible ways to refresh the EarthBound roster* and a few of them involve removing Ness, my favorite character in the game. I want a NEW game, and if I want to play the old one, well, I still own the old ones, and there's no logical reason I should WANT a game that would make me never want to play them again. There's not ENOUGH to add, but so much that could be changed. Too bad that'll never happen because Nintendo doesn't have the balls to do that to all the whiners who wouldn't understand...

*For the curious, they're all combinations of three characters from the series, one from each game. Ness (redone)/Kumatora/Teddy is my favorite idea but I'd be cool with Lucas/Ana/Jeff or Lucas/Loid/Poo or Ness/Loid/Duster or Ninten/Jeff/Boney or... really almost anything that gave spotlight to one main character and two friends. And made the main character's moveset accurate, if one of the supporting characters was one of the PSI-specialized girls.
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Me and Warp already made a case for why Lucas, Ike, Wolf and Toon Link could stand to be removed.

And I've said in the past that if the entire Smash series had been left up to me since the beginning, there'd only be one or two characters from each "logo" as opposed to like four or five. MvC2 taught us that inflated rosters are pretty lousy, and having less from each logo would probably allow more room for other series (like maybe Issac or Little Mac or someone).

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Oh man, I gotta disagree there. 

Some logos are more important, and WAY more famous than others, and I think they deserve more representation.  Mario, Pokemon and Zelda absolutely earned their high number of characters in the Smash Bros. series, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

People consider MvC2 lousy?  I'm not being a smart-ass, I'm really asking. I'm not on the tournament fighter scene at all, but I was under the impression MvC2 was a classic and a huge mainstay in the world of tourney fighters.  Personally I think big rosters are great, they give a fighter a lot of replay value and depth.  Granted there is a point where it would start to get ridiculous, but if you factor in the characters that wouldn't "need" to return (clones) and the ones that probably won't return (Snake and Sonic), I don't think we're at that ridiculous point yet. 

I love Smash Bros. because it has famous faces like LInk and Pikachu battling alongside old school, obscure weirdos like the Ice Climbers and Game and Watch.  I'd be VERY sad if Smash 4 changed that.  I could see Lucas, Ike, Lucario, Wolf and Toon Link getting the ax, but like the jump from Melee to Brawl, most of them would probably get replaced by a new, similar character.  Which is a-ok with me.  Sakurai can just confirm Zoroark taking over Lucario's spot if you ask me.  Other than that, I'd like to see the following added:

First party characters:
-LIttle Mac.  Just like Pit debuted as a trophy before being playable, I think Little Mac deserves the same.  Punch-Out Wii is an underrated gem.
-Samurai Goroh.  Like Metroid, the F-Zero series needs some love, stat!
-Zoroark to take over Lucario's spot, as mentioned above.
-Someone from Advance Wars.  I'm not familiar with the series, but it has a great visual style and has been pretty successful for a few years now. It's earned it's place, and it's flagship character could be a good fill-in for Snake, if he's not coming back.  Actually, just going by visuals alone, I'd probably pick Sami.  She's cool and looks bad-ass.  It's always nice to add a girl to the roster, and she's pretty different from the ladies we currently have.
-Crazy, out of left-field surprise character (ala Ice Climbers, Game and Watch, Pit): Mach Rider.  The gritty grizzled road war from a post-apocalyptic future would DEFINITELY add some flavor to the line-up, and maybe, like Sami, do a good job at filling in the void Snake may be leaving.  Also he could race motorcycles with Wario. ;)

Wow, I thought there were more first party characters that I wanted in the game, but I guess not?  I think this is a pretty reasonable/plausible list of additions.  Really, it's all about Ridley for me.  Metroid is my favorite series, and Ridley is essentially Metroid's Bowser or Ganondorf.  His moveset writes itself.  Yeah he's huge, but so is Bowser.  The difference is that Ridley is near-skeletal, he's super lanky.  I feel like having him being (relatively) low-weight would go a long way to balancing him, even making him a tough character to master (huge and low-weight?  In Smash Bros?  Yikes!).

I think alternate costumes would go a long way to adding (albeit artificial) roster depth.  We've only started to see this in Smash Bros, with Wario's costume change, and some color swaps that are based on other characters:  Peach has had a color swap for Daisy, Mario and Luigi have had color swaps for different power-ups and Wario/Waluigi, Samus has had color swaps based on her other suits, etc.  But why stop with one character and some meaningful color swaps?  Let's get a full-blown Daisy or Rosalina in there!  Raccoon Mario!  Bee Luigi!  Oni-Link!  Dark Suit Samus!  Dry Bowser!  Looie (for Olimar)! Different generations of Pokemon trainers!  Just like with Wario's two costumes, the character stays the same, but visually they're a little different.  I'd love to see this.  Hell, they could be unlockable even!  Honestly, at this point, I think I'd prefer this over trophies.  I mean, what's left to make trophies of?  The trophy galleries are wonderful, but I feel like they must be a pretty big chunk of development time too.  With alternate costumes, we still get that taste of Nintendo history, but in the form of something we can enjoy while playing the game. 

If third party characters come back I'd like to see:
-Classic Mega Man.  The fact that he wasn't in Brawl blows my mind.  But maybe we can fix that in Smash 4. :)
-Simon Belmont.  Maybe not as much of a "duh" pick as Mega Man, but not far off.  Simon (and importantly, his level) would rule.
-Pac-Man.  Can't hardly get more classic than good ol' Pac-Man.  His level would be awesome too.

I can take or leave Sonic and Snake.  They were both great, and did an awesome job of mixing things up, but I won't be crying if they sit out Smash 4 either.  It WAS pretty rad to finally see Mario and Sonic beat each other's faces in, even if it was about 15 years late.:)

I could also take or leave Final Smashes.  I really enjoyed them in Brawl, but I won't be too worked up if they don't come back either. 

Please, for the love of God, change Mario's down+B to an actual attack again.  I don't even care what it is, as long as it's better than a non-damaging FLUDD blast.  Luigi needs to have an attack or 2 based on the Poltergust.  Maybe his final smash?  I'd like that.
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Well if offbeat/not the hero/weird characters are the way we're going, i would want Brian (I think that's his name) from Quest 64, Evo from Space station Silicon Valley, and a Team Rocket member (any grunt would be fine, but the nostalgia in me says Jesse and James with their originals and Meowth. Nostalgias also the reason for Rocket and not any of the teams from the last few gens).

I like the characters with multiple forms, which is what I'd hope Evo and the other PKMN trainer would be, evo having like an Elephant tank form, rocket turtle or Rat King form, and maybe a penguin or King Penguin. Something that can sort of fly. Rocket member could have, well, Arbok, Weezing and Meowth is my preference, and I don't really know what the attacks for them might be.

MvC2 is broken by it's infinites. Chars like Magneto who have a handfull of infinite combos, while certainly not "ruined forevar", made me at least lose some amount of interest.

Finally, while looking on Wikipedia trying to remember Evos name, did you know Space Station Silicon Valley was made by what would be Rockstar North? They should go back to the silly goofy games once in a while, diversify from the GTA stuff a bit. 
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If they're gonna use up what minimal third party space they have, they ain't using it on Quest 64 and Space Station Silicon Valley.


It always bugs me when people suggest him because he's already appared as a boss, and making him playable would cause him to look considerably less impressive and powerful by comparison. I feel that being a boss does Ridley's entire character better justice.


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I'd be VERY sad if Smash 4 changed

What is the point of a series where each unique entry makes you never want to play the previous ones again? I guess if we were still where SSB64 was, it'd be reasonable... but how much is not in Brawl that could be added to the next one where you'd say, "Yes; this needed to happen, this is a large step up."

Should've been easy to see this situation coming, though. Brawl's trailer was like, "Anti-hero from Kirby! Hero from really old game! Samus, except not in a Power Suit! And Wario! ...okay here's one: Snake!" If all they're gonna do is add a few characters and not change some of the ones already there, I can imagine they'll have a tough time making a trailer where all the hype doesn't hinge on Mega Man... and if he's not in...

Code: [Select]
A SSB4 roster that would make me happy

 Super Mario
  1. Mario (New moves)
  2. Luigi (New moves)
  3. Bowser (Tweaked moves)
  4. Yoshi  (Tweaked moves)

 Donkey Kong Country
  5. Donkey Kong (Possibly tweaked moves)
  6. Diddy Kong

 The Legend of Zelda
  7. Link (Skyward Sword or Ocarina of Time)
  8. Zelda (The Wind Waker)
+   /9. Tetra
 10. Ganondorf (Twilight Princess, new moves)

 11. Samus (Tweaked moves, maybe put her in the Fusion Suit)
+12. Ridley (Yeah, shut up Chef)

 13. Kirby (New moves)
 14. Meta Knight
 15. King Dedede

 Star Fox
 16. Fox

 17. Pikachu
+18. Hilbert or Hilda (those are apparently the names of Black and White's playable characters--replaces Red)
  +19. Snivy
  +20. Dewott
  +21. Emboar
+22. Scrafty

 23. Ness (New/tweaked moves)
+24. Kumatora
+25. Teddy

 Fire Emblem
 26. Marth
+27. Whoever (Lyn? Eliwood? I should play a Fire Emblem)

 Ice Climber
 28. Ice Climbers

 Game & Watch
 29. Mr. Game & Watch

 Kid Icarus
 30. Pit
+31. Medusa

 32. Olimar

+33. Little Mac
+34. King Hippo

+Golden Sun
+35. Isaac
+36. Felix

+The Legendary Starfy
+37. Starfy

+Sin And Punishment
+38. Saki

+Drill Dozer
+39. Jill

+Captain Rainbow
+40. Captain Rainbow


 Metal Gear
 41. Solid Snake
 Sonic The God[darn] Mother****ing Hedgehog
 42. Sonic
+Mega Man
+43. Mega Man

Code: [Select]
Mario's new moves (representative of games SMW and earlier)
B:      Fire Mario: Faster, stronger, more range
Side-B: Hammer Mario: Mario chucks a hammer.
Up B:   Cape Mario: On ground, a caped spin (he WEARS the cape, [darnit]) In air, a caped spin jump. Deflects projectiles.
Down B: Shoe Mario: Mario hops and stomps with Kuribo's Shoe.

Code: [Select]
Luigi's new moves (representative of games NSMB and later)
B:      Ice Luigi: An ice ball instead of a fireball.
Side-B: Shell Luigi: slides forward inside a blue shell. Can jump.
Up-B:   Propellor Luigi: An absurdly high jump. You can flutter down gently or drill down fast to attack.
Down B: Spring Luigi: Uses a spring wrapped around his body to create a shockwave

But don't worry about it, I'm sure this won't happen. Like I say, Nintendo doesn't have the balls to do this because they know their fans are too conservative to understand
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 Alright, I'll admit Quest was a shot in the dark, but SSSV would at least be understandable. I don't know if you know this, Rockstars kinda big, well known enough that they could get a character in. And of the characters that you could choose are pretty much Dude from GTA, Dude from GTA III, Dude from Red Dead, Dude from GTA IV. They had give Snake a whole bunch of explosives because guns were ruled out and that's a pretty big part of that, (especially when you suck at stealth, which doesn't work with the Smash gametype) but you couldn't really do that with the Average Joe Renegade. And it's not like SSSV would be the most obscure. Pit, Ice Climbers, and ROB were all one off just okay platformers or failed control things. May as well throw in the guy from Burger Time, at least that was good.

And Ridley I could go either way on. I do want more Metroid Characters, and I don't think Ridley would be bad, but I think a different bounty hunter would be cool too. Plus, if the next Metroid is coming out around the same time, it would be great cross promotion (Assuming of course that the next one will deal with the Sylux story). And just because Ridley was a boss shouldn't exclude him, there are a bunch of bosses playable. Even Giga Bowser became playable. The only things I think should NOT become playable are the hands, and I guess Tabuu, though he could be heavily reworked to fit.

What is the point of a series where each unique entry makes you never want to play the previous ones again?

Man, good thing this isn't a fighting game we're talking about. And you want Mega Man in it? King of the "You know what to do already" genre?
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