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You knew it was comin'. Keep the ridiculous ideas you know won't work or know really won't happen to a minimum, would you kindly (for example, I'm not gonna list any EarthBound characters)

Nintendah characters who are due their glory
-Little Mac

And I'm betting Red and Lucario will be gone, so
-Black or White, with Snivy, Dewott and Emboar
-Mienshao, maybe?

Third party characters, if Snake and that blue vermin are gonna be back--though with the Japanese title of Brawl, "X," standing for "Crossover," I slightly doubt it
-Mega Man
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Quote from: BP
Aaaaaaaall riiiiiiiight noooooooow

Also, Mike Jones.


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Banjo-Kazooie and Elite Beat Agents would indeed be totally rad.

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Get rid of ROB and put in Mega Man.

Like it should've been the first time.

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I don't understand Nintendo's fascination with ROB. I really don't.
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Sagi and Kalas.

Because Smash doesn't have enough guys with blue hair.
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Was this actually announced? I haven't heard about it anywhere...

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Not a character request per se, but costumes.

Not just colour changes and such, but proper ones, sort of like WWWario -> Classic Wario. Still the same combat stats, only with a couple of effect changes and sound changes. For example;

Dr. Mario (similar to the effects he had in Melee)
Classic Wario (change some of the effects to ones more befitting of the older Wario)
Young Link (pretty much the same as Toon Link)
Roy (Marth but with fire effects)
Mewtwo (if Lucario is still in the game, change his effects to more psychic-y ones. Otherwise, put him in for whatever Lucario is replaced with)
Donkey Kong Jr (for Donkey Kong?)
Assortment of different retro characters (for Mr G&W. Would like to see Stanley the Bugman make his triumphant return...)
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Was this actually announced? I haven't heard about it anywhere...

I think BP just made this topic for the heck of it. Google doesn't produce any official results for SSB4.
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Mario Series

No new Mario characters please. Everything is adequately represented. Toad would be good but he's already part of Peach's moveset and as plenty of people have pointed he's been demoted to a drone character (much to my chagrin). Bowser Jr. shouldn't be in because he hasn't been around as long as these other characters nor has he appeared in as many games. As much as I like Dr. Mario, he probably shouldn't come back because people will still whine about it (and you gotta admit, having two Marios is pretty dumb). No other Mario character deserves a spot as much as the seven above. That's it. Case closed.

Donkey Kong Series
Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Dixie Kong

Dixie is most likely as she was planned for Brawl. A lot of people seem to think King K.Rool is viable, but I think it should be Kaptain K.Rool in the playable spot, 'cause he has a kickin' blunderbuss! Personally though, I'd rather have him be a boss character.

Zelda Series
New version of Link
New version of Zelda
New version of Ganondorf
Either Toon Link or another new version of a younger Link

Face it, by the time the next Smash is out we'll have at least one new Link, Zelda and Ganondorf to worry about. If the "toon" sub-series is still going Toon Link will probably still be in but if not, it's hard to tell who else they'll add. Maaaybe Tingle, but his role as an Assist Trophy makes enough sense.

Metroid Series
Samus / Zero Suit Samus

I've seen a lot of people suggest the other Hunters from Metroid Prime Hunters or even Ridley, but I honestly feel that being a boss character did Ridley the most amount of justice. When you're a boss, you're much bigger than any normal character and you can pull of moves that a normal playable character cannot.

Kirby Series
Meta Knight
King Dedede

This is basically it for Kirby. I mean, unless they start adding the Helpers and stuff to pad the roster but I doubt that'll happen.

Star Fox

A lot of people suggest Krystal but after the fiasco that was Star Fox Command I don't think people would be too happy about it (unless you're a furry of some sort). There aren't really many other character they could add, and I don't think this series needs more than three. It was bad enough they added Wolf AND made him another semi-clone of Fox.

Pokemon Series
Pokemon Trainer
Mewtwo / Lucario / New important Pokemon

Pikachu is the mascot, Red is a unique enough character to stay, and Jigglypuff should be kept for the sake of Smash tradition. Ideally I'd prefer Mewtwo to come back, but if they repeat what they did with Lucario it's very likely they'll just replace him with whatever Pokemon is popular or important at the time of the next Smash's release.

F-ZERO Series
Captain Falcon
Samurai Goroh

Knowing Sakurai we'd probably be just left with PAAAAAUNCH from here to eternity, but you all know it was a criminal offense to not include Goroh in Brawl.


Now I know both Earthbound and MOTHER 3 have a lot of other unique characters to work with, but the problem is deciding on which ones. Everyone seems to think the Masked Man should be in but I think that would kinda ruin the the integrity of the friggin' story behind MOTHER 3. Others want Pokey, but like Ridley I think it's a better choice to have him be a boss. The only other character I can see them adding is Ninten, if only to round out the trinity of MOTHER protagonists, but unless they change up his moveset people are probably gonna cry foul for having yet ANOTHER character that's similar to both Ness and Lucas.

Fire Emblem Series
New Lord

Marth deserves to be in no matter what since he's the protagonist of the first FE game and also managed to star in two more remakes of it. Now, we all know Roy was a clone of Marth and Ike was a replacement for Roy. Both Roy and Ike were the most recent FE protagonists at the time of Melee and Brawl's releases, respectively. Therefore, it's probably safe to say that Ike will once again be replaced by the star of whatever FE game is most recent by the time the next Smash is out.

Ice Climber Series
    Ice Climbers

Game & Watch Series
    Mr. Game & Watch

Just wanted to point out that I think Mr. Game & Watch would look funny if he had eyes and teeth like the other little guys on Flat Zone.

Kid Icarus Series

Here I will point out that I wish Pit looked more like his NES/GB artwork than his Uprising design.

Pikmin Series

Robot Series

I thought it would be cool if Prof. Hector appeared riding around on R.O.B., Yatterman-style but that could be difficult to program, not to mention an ultimately pointless addition in the long run.

Punch-Out!! Series [NEW]
    Little Mac

I'm with BP on this one. After being an Assist Trophy in Brawl and having a full on comeback in the new Punch-Out!!, Mac totally deserves it.

Sin & Punishment Series [NEW]

Figured he could get in, seeing how he was an Assist in Brawl, finally got his game released here via the VC, and even got a sequel.

Starfy Series [NEW]

Again, he was Assist in Brawl and his most recent game got a US release, which they made a pretty big deal out of at the time.

Drill Dozer [NEW]

I...kinda only added her on the basis of being an Assist in Brawl. Would be nice to see something by Game Freak that isn't Pokeymanz related.

Custom Robo Series [NEW]

Added him because he was an Assist (again). However, the one in Brawl was Ray Mk III from Custom Robo DS. If not him, I can also see them adding Ray-01 from Custom Robo on GCN. Would be nice to see a character roughly the size of Olimar but with the same firepower as Samus.

Golden Sun Series [NEW]

Similar to Mac, he was an Assist in Brawl and his series recently got a brand new sequel. A lot of people would be happy to see him get in, I'm certain.

Advance Wars Series [NEW]

Threw in Sami because she debuted in the first Wars game to be released outside Japan, plus she's probably the Orange Star CO with the most moveset potential. Added an Infantry soldier because the Infantry have appeared as an Assist Trophy in Brawl and as characters of their own in Captain Rainbow. I know this is kind of a long shot as far as possibility goes, but I think Advance Wars is a criminally underrated series and kinda deserves at least one character.

Jam with the Band / Master of Illusion [NEW]

She was an Assist Trophy in Brawl, sure, but her debut game got a European release last year, and she also has a cameo in Master of Illusion, which WAS released in the US.

Excitebike Series [NEW]

This is probably the most ridiculous choice I have on here, but hear me out. He had a trophy in Melee and an entire Assist Trophy in Brawl. If he were to get in, I can see him controlling similarly to Wheelie from Kirby Super Star. All of his attacks can involve him sideswiping people with his bike or burning them with the Nitro exhaust. He also has hands, so its not like he can't pick up items.

Balloon Fight Series [NEW]

Again, this is a pretty long shot, but Balloon Fight was recognized in Melee via a hidden music track on the Icicle Mountain stage, and then again in Brawl via the fish on the Summit stage. Clearly they like this little series to some degree. Rather than add a generic Balloonist as a character, I thought it best to use the protagonist of Balloon Kid, the only edition of Balloon Fight with a storyline.

Mach Rider Series [NEW]
    Mach Rider*

Like Balloon Fight, he was recognized in Melee via a hidden music track on Big Blue and also via a Trophy. Masahiro Sakurai has also gone on record saying Mach Rider is one of his favorite characters. Admit it, you know playing as a cyborg that can break into a million pieces would be awesome.

Magical Vacation/Starsign [NEW]

I thought Magical Vacation/Starsign should have a character but only Magical Starsign was released outside Japan, so I went with this guy because he appeared as a Trophy in Brawl. Always better to have another robot, I say.

Ouendan Series/Elite Beat Agents [NEW]
    Agent J

*Both the Agents and the Cheer Squad appear as Trophies in Brawl, but I decided to leave it at Agent J since he also appears in the sequel in Japan. The other two agents would appear during his Final Smash.

Nazo no Murasamejo [NEW]

At first I wouldn't have thought to put him on this list, but not only was Nazo no Mursamejo was represented through a music track in Brawl, but in last year's Samura Warriors 3 added an ENTIRE MODE dedicated to Nazo no Murasamejo along with Takamaru as a playable character. And yes, this DID get a US release.

Wii [NEW]

Initially I didn't think the Mii would make a viable character. Then Wii Sports Resort came out and introduced the Swordplay game. Thus, the Mii appears in full fencing garb and fights with the foam sword. The Mii's face is determined by the one you picked for your online profile, or if you didn't choose it's randomly selected from the Miis in your Mii Plaza.

Third Party Games
    Mega Man*
    Simon Belmont*

Kept Snake and Sonic as I doubt they'll be dropped. Added Mega Man because everyone was clamoring for him during Brawl's release. Added Simon Belmont for sheer retro value (team him up with Mega Man and Pit and you get the cast of Captain N) and because he's a Konami character that actually debuted on a Nintendo console.

Not a character request per se, but costumes.

Yeah, but after you start changing the models and effects you start to leave "costume" territory and wind up in "new character" territory.

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I would guess that Zoroark will replace Mewtwo/Lucario.

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