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What are your favourite copy abilities in the Kirby series? Here's a list in case you need a refresher. Mine are as follows:

Hammer - Poor range, but with enough strength to kill a miniboss in two hits, who's to complain?
Magic - What debuted as a gimmicky throwaway ability is now a proverbial barrel of deadly monkeys. The top hat is cute, too.
Mirror - Great for bosses, since it makes you almost impervious to projectile attacks while guarding.
Spear - My new all-time favourite ability. Along with having phenomenal omnidirectional range, it can solve many puzzles meant only for Sword or Cutter.
Smash - Showcases the better half of Kirby's SSBM moveset. The only real downside is that it's so rare, one might be reluctant to use it to its fullest extent for fear of losing it.
Firework (Bomb+Fire) - Unlike most barrier-type abilities, Kirby doesn't lose any momentum when using Fireworks. In other words, fields once strewn with enemies can be reduced to nothing without you even stopping.
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I always like the UFO from Kirby's Adventure. Also, I tend to try and hold onto Stone+cutter in Kirby 64 for as long as possible, because I love Coo.
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I was introduced to the Ball ability in "Nightmare" I think, and loved it for whatever reason. I guess I just liked ramming into everything aimlessly and destroying most obstacles in the process. I also thought Mini was awesome... but of course it was utterly useless unless in the right place.

I'd go into 64 if it weren't so convoluted and ridiculous to me... but if it had to do with needles or ice, I can safely say I loved it.
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Ball and Needle were my favorites in NiD. Ball for being so much fun and Needle for being absolutely broken. I can see why Needle wasn't in Amazing Mirror or Squeak Squad, it was absurdly good. It was in Canvas Curse though, and you could use it to stick to walls, that was neat

I liked Fighter in Amazing Mirror. And Hammer was pretty good in it too, with the new spin attack. But yeah, Smash is about as ultimate as it gets.

Missile and Balloon are my favorites from CC. They were crazy, but also crazy hard to control.

Everything was pretty cool in Squeak Squad once you got the scrolls for 'em. It was the little things you could do with 'em, also. Electrifying metal floors with Spark. Rolling through fire and burning everything in your path with Wheel. The idle animation for Magic. Good times
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This is by no means a comprehensive list. Mostly just the ones I happen to think of..

Suplex- It was alot of fun in KA (called the.. BackDrop in that game, I believe) and also tons of fun in KSS. Used as Kirby's down throw in SSBM and SSBB Who doesn't love stomping their enemies to bits?

Tornado- Also a fun ability from KA. I'm glad this one is/has been making a comeback. I like that it was in Squeek Squad and picked up the ability to..pick up water or lava as you twisted over it.

Jet and Wing- two useful flying powers. I find Wing more useful because it has more versatility in attacks (I can do a downward strike instead of having to charge up..) but Jet helped me form a strategy against King Dedede in Gourmet Race (back when I still stunk at the game..)

Mike- I've never understood what it was about Kirby's singing that killed all the enemies. It's a cute song (in later Kirby games, anyway..)

Refridgerator - one of the silliest abilities in K64. I'm pretty sure Ice and Spark made the 'fridge.. anyway, I find this power hilarious in that if any enemies are near enough to be hit by the food Kirby produces, it kills them. And useful in that it can work like the Stone power in every Kirby game and you can drop in from above to kill enemies.
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The Microphone ability changed so that he's singing? I guess that really doesn't make any sense; before he just screamed into real hard.

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Uh, it never changed. Kirby screams into it in every game it appears in. Not sure what the heck Toad is smoking.

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I'm not on anything..

It became more of a.. cheer.. than a song..? In SuperStar Ultra, they added echos and made the screams a little longer.



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It still sounds like he's shouting into the Mike. They probably just slowed down the sound clips or something.