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I'm stuck in world 3 at the Boss.
The is the huge red flower. How do i kill this guy? please help me!!!!!!
Ori Porath


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When his bandage is exposed, shoot an egg off the wall so it skips across the water's surface and into his wound. Three hits puts Mr. Piranha down for the count.

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thanks Deezer! you're the man.
Ori Porath

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Another way to beat 'im is to go so far but (in the Boss room) stop right before the wall closes in on you. Shoot an egg at the regular pirahna plant, and if you hit him, he'll explode, and Kamek (Magikoopa) will say "OH MY!". And you just beat him.

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If he was too lazy to check out my Yoshi's Island guide, then I sure wasn't going to give him the easy way out from my Yoshi's Island "tips and tricks" page. ;)

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See Above.

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