Author Topic: Bad News for GameCube fans...  (Read 4546 times)

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Lizard dude knows what he's talkin about.
Its not true.
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I herd that rumour long before CG was released. It may coime true if nintendo makes Gamecube into N64 2,

As for PenguinWizard, whats stopping you from playing thos games? Just because you like nintendo doesn't mean you have to be there slave. This goes for ALL fanboys don't stay loyal to any video game company were all you are to them is another sales figure.

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"I''ll never look back, I''''ve got no regrets. ''Cause time doesn''''t wait for me...I choose to go my own way." - Sonic the Hedgehog


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I don't believe the rumor one bit. Why would Nintendo be so stupid to stop making systems after the GameCube. The GameCube is so great and popular that Nintendo's making lots of money off it. Why would they ever want to stop? They wouldn't.

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There is one other thing preventing me from getting ahold of those other consoles, Sonic... $$$, I can't buy every console there is, I only have enough to get one to be happy with for however long it lives on.

But now that Dreamcast has lowered itself to $50, well... I'm thinking that one over.
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Well ifin the rumor IS true I HOPE TO GOD NINTENDO DOESNT MAKE GAMES FOR SONY or any other company for that matter! I would absolutely writhe at the fact.  And ifin its not true......THEN THE RUMOR SUCKS!!
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GameCube is not going to be Nintendo's last system.  The President of Nintendo has said before that if the GameCube didnt do so well at E3 they thought about completely revamping the system and trying again in another year.  He said he was amazed with all of the support shown towards the system - The way Nintendo is pulling in developers now this being the last system is very VERY unlikely.


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Seriously, after being such a successful company for over 100 years, you honestly believe that Nintendo would just quit?  Think rationally... how could you possibly believe that.  The N64 didn't do so well in Japan, but I heard that here in the US, it did very well til the DC came out.  After the GCN, Nintendo will come out with even better systems (although I find it pretty hard to believe that there could be a better system... I love this thing!), because there is always room to improve, and technology only gets better.
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I think Marionut#1 puts it best myself.

'Nuff said.

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I also once heard that Luigi was in SM64.....and I once heard You could get Koopa Troopa in MK64.......also I heard There would be a launch game that's the sequel to Super Mario 64.....

the point of this, you ask? Don't believe everything you hear

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Now I never said that they (Nintendo)would stop Game Boy! And I never said that they'd not make any more games... Sega is now making games for other companies and they're doing just fine! So if Nintendo does eventually make games for *gasp* Sony and *oh no* Microsoft, then you know what to expect... more great Nintendo games!

Now I'm pretty sure that my cousin was joking, because he just told me that he got the information off of some Nintendo website...

As for Game Boy, Nintendo should not give up their hopes on that little thing (lke Sega did with the Game Gear...)! Game Boy has been around for over 11 years, and there are so many things you could do with that thing (online gaming!)...

Why would anyone even consider buying an Xbox anyway? After what you guys said about it, it appears that Microsoft have (once again) created something that would doom the video game market!


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Well Sega is a game for the GBA. Still, this rumor, well, it stupid. If Nintendo did go out, they would be making a lot of games. New titles and lots of supplies for the other games that are out. So far, they are not doing that.

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(I've only had a Genesis, this also might be true for Saturn and Dreamcast), but I just loved how when you turned it on, it goes, "Se-ga!" I especially loved it with Sonic the Hedgehog, "Se-ga! Do do do do do do, do do do do do do, do do do do, do do" I think it also worked for game gear.

I think I'm completely off topic here....

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