Author Topic: All your base are belong to us  (Read 1920 times)

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where is that from? and what does it mean?

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I heard that from in a Sonic comic,and this guy (MoonRaiser) I know uses it alot.But I have no idea were it came from  ^^;;

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It's from an old Sega game. It was poorly translated, and a lot of the dialog made no sense. Albeit it was a good game, but the dialog scenes had the guys talking nonsense. "All your base are belong to us"
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Yeah.  Some guys made a web site with a video about the whole thing, and it's really freaking funny the first time you see it.  So, like, go watch it.  And be afraid.

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i bet sega from that day and on used america to translat! lol

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yeah, but what is it supposed to say? All your bases belong to us? Hmm, maybe that's it . . .

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It was from the old Sega game "Zero Wing"

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hey, grimsack actually said something intelligent. maybe I misjudged the guy. but his talk of nasty stuff still makes me mad.

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