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I have been told I have been to hard on Nintendo. Let me just say....NO WAY! At least I'm not all for Nintendo to the point where I love every thing they put there mark on. Seriesly, you should be hard on every gaming company. Stop protecting them by suporting all there corny games. Buy the worth while ones. I know I'm going to get a bunch of nasty replys to this but I don't care. Listen, It's okay to be hard on Nintendo, I mean you say Miyamoto is in charge but soon he wont be. And because you suport Nintendo so much, they think they can put out crappy Mario games and get away with it. I'm sorry but if you don't be hard on them get ready for Nintendo's 2005 game release "Mario and Pikachu : Super Pals"

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I'd buy that.
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*high fives doomba*
d*mn right! see, when gamers that love a company(no matter which one it is), to the point where they buy almost every game from said company, what does that tell the execs in charge? "well...we put out 3 stinkers last year and they STILL sold well, h*ll; let's put out some more! they wont care! it's got the(input brand name here)name on it!"

and that's why in some cases, we run into companies putting out the same game for like 5 years in a row(cough..eidos..cough). so, for the record; i buy and play good games, not "nintendo/sony/sega/whatever" games. if the game sucks, it ain't worth my money(ESPECIALLY a cart that costs 60 bucks). period.



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Is this about Paper Mario? I'm not a blind follower, but I haven't seen any signs that PM will suck either.

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I'm not a blind follower either, but I do admit that Nintendo made some corny games. Nintendo also made alot of cool games like Mario 64, Ocaraina of Time, DK 64, Jet Force Gemini, Perfect Dark, and alot more games.  Nintendo tries to make fun games, at least you should be nice about it, Doomba. You too, MrWhitefolks.


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Yoshis story was very fun wasn't it?  Everyone got ripped on that one cept I got mine new for 2o bucks when it came out and then traded it in at another store for 20 bucks so all I got was the disappointment.  But they even had the nerve to make it a players choice.  It does not stand up to Zelda or Crusin USA or even Mario 64.  So why did it deserve to be a players choice when know one liked it?

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I've never played "Yoshi's Story," but I did buy "Super Mario World 2:Yoshi's Island" and was pretty disappointed.  Actually, it was probably worth the money, since it was the first "Mario" game I ever beat.  My brother said "Yoshi's Island" was the best "Mario" game ever made, at least until he found my cousin Matt's "Super Mario World" cartridge which had been under his dresser since when he had a Super Nintendo as opposed to the much more worthwile Sony Playstation he has now.  Anyway, he gave the title of "Best Mario Game Ever" back to "Super Mario World" after he got to play it again.  "Yoshi's Island" has got to be the worst video game ever to be affiliated with Mario, but it's still a decent play, just don't look directly at the graphics.  I got my brother "Wario's Woods" for Christmas last year along with "Sim City" and "Grand Theft Auto" for a grand total of $25.00.  He loves "Grand Theft Auto" and played "Sim City" for a while, but insists to this day that "Wario's Woods" is the worst Nintendo game in history and that I got ripped off.  I, for one, love "Wario's Woods."
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I always thought Yoshis Island wasn't that bad.  Not a SMB3 or a SMW but still decent and fun to play once in a while.  But story well it is a different story.  It reminds me of a well nevermind

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Yoshi`s Island is a fun game, but can`t be compared to a Mario game for certain reasons. 1: The game play is too different to say if one is better than the other. 2:It`s not really a Mario game. It`s more of a spin-off with Yoshi and Mario with a sort-of cameo. I think that I`m the only person who actually likes Yoshi`s Story. Most ignorant players only see twenty-four levels and immediately dismiss it as "kiddy," but if you try to get a high score, the game gets a lot of depth. I agree that it doesn`t stand up to Mario64, Legend of Zelda, or Cruisin` USA, but it`s not crap. I know that Nintendo64 does have crappy games out, but not many. If you see only the crappy ones and not the good ones, then you`re missing the point.

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*Looks inside of a candy bar wraper. Reads:* You have just won a Sony Plays.... Oh it`s crap!!

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Yoshi's Story...

The redeeming aspect of Yoshi's Story, at least difficulty-wise, is that do-every-level-eating-only-melons way of playing it. I do agree that features like that increase the overall replayability and length of the game.


It seems that Yoshi's Story's designers put too much emphasis on that aspect of the game. Sure, you can replay the game to play every level, but I feel that there really should be a minimum of difficulty to actually finish the game. Not the I've-done-it-all ending, but the "official" end-of-the-story ending. I personally think that it's more stimulating to strive for an actual ending than just to beat your previous score.

What I'm saying is that they put the ending too early in the game. If they required the gamer to pass more levels or attain minimum scores, then I think the game would have been more popular among gamers. I could say the same thing for a good couple of games out there, put the "official" ending later in the game. In Yoshi's Story's case you could see the ending after beating 1/4 of the levels. Raise that fraction to minimum 3/4, and you've got something to talk about.

Well these were my thoughts on the subject. Feel free to elaborate.