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Whats your favorite games for X-box, Gamecube and PS2? i want to know. any games count. also if i left out your favorite game systems like sega or nientendo, please tell me your favorite games for them too.

my personal favorite games for X-Box are: both Halo's, tiger woods pga tour 2005, ncaa football 2003, all of the midnight clubs and most of the james bond ones.

my all time favorite games for gamecube are: luigi's mansion,doubledash, and all of the mario parties.(expecialy the sixth one) and of course who could forget the james bond games.

well i dont have a PS2 so i dont know of all that many games but here it goes. my favorite games for PS2 are: any of Tony Hawks games ever invented,(expecially the last few)time splinters 1 and 2,(their multi-player is almost as good as Halo's, but only because its so fast paced) and the james bond games.

!now that you know mine tell me yours!

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My favorite game for X-box is DoA Extreme Beach Volleyball.
My favorite game for PS2 is Rumble Roses.
My favorite game for Gamecube is SSBM.

Can you find the connection? :)
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XBOX-Halo, Halo 2
PS2-Tony Hawk PS 3, 4, Tony Hawk Underground 1, 2, Everything or Nothing, Goldeneye: ROuge Agent, Time SPLITERS (not splinters, LOL), Hot Shotz Golf 3, 4, Midnight Club 1, 2 (and hopefully 3), Grand Turisimo 4.
Gamecube-SSBM, Wario Ware Mega Micro Game$

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Xbox: Dunno, the only games I've ever played on Xbox are Halo and Halo 2.
Gamecube: Many.
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X-Box - Totalled!
PS2 - Final Fantasy X2
GameCube - SSBM & Mario Party 4

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XBOX: Halo 1
PS2: All of the Crash games, Need for Speed and Space Invaders
Gamecube: Mario Kart: Double Dash, Super Smash Brothers Melee

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