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« on: May 21, 2005, 01:09:55 PM »
I really like Nintendo Power's new format. What do you guys think of it. I thought the old format was boring and stupid, and I really like the new one. That's just my opinion though. I'm also glad they got rid of Epic Center, but that's just because I hate RPG's. What are your thoughts?

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I think it's okay.  I don't know much about NP since I only got 1 year's subscription, but I do know that I really liked the fan art at the beginning and wish they still had that.  My favorite quote from one of the mag's editors went something like "The XBox falls on people and crushes them.  The PS2 eats small children."  Immature but funny in a way.

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They got rid of Epic Center?! What?! I haven't recieved my issue yet...and no more epic Center...*sigh*

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I myself HATE what Nintendo Power has done to itself. And why shouldn't I? For one thing, the new logo now makes it easy for nearsighted people to confuse the magazine with Electronic Gaming Monthly. Seriously, it looks almost the same as EGM's own logo. And I'm also still unhappy with the fact that Pulse no longer features fanart. I draw a lot of Nintendo fanart, and it sickens me to know that my work, which I would have liked to have sent to them, isn't going to be seen in the magazine.
While I admit it's a good idea to expand the news section, I don't like the fact that it's continually interrupted by advertisements. In fact, I don't like it that there's advertisements in the magazine at all! And what happened to the column where readers could come up with a caption for random screenshots? I loved reading those captions! And what about Classified Info? That column has been a favorite for fans since your first issue, but now it only gets two pages and they make it hard to tell which hints are for which games. Did I mention that the mushroom endblock is gone too? Now we can't tell when the articles and columns are over!
I greatly despise the new reviews section the most. Only one reviewer's review per game? I much prefer to hear opinions from multiple reviewers before buying a game, which is what they used to do in that section. And do they realize how many RPG fans you're angering by removing Epic Center? And furthermore, if I wanted to recall what a previously-reviewed game was rated, I'd look it up in that previous issue, not look at the archives in the current issue. Also, the Family Tree column is a big waste of paper.
But the strangest thing of all is that people actually think this is an improvement. Have they lost their minds?! Matthew V. had a point in the August issue when he criticized your new look to be "the magazine's greatest disappointment." I totally agree with him. If they're going to stay this way, I might as well cancel my subscription.
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« Reply #4 on: June 21, 2005, 11:55:19 PM »
Nintendo Power has steadily been declining in quality for a while now. This is just a little quicker advancement.

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