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« on: December 01, 2005, 03:50:51 PM »
Which gaming mags are your favorite, and which do you get?

I just get Nintendo Power, and it's certainly my favorite, except I kind of miss the old format. May it rest in peace.

So, what about you guys?
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I get Gamepro, I don't really have a favorite, because that's the only one I read. I'll probably stop getting it soon.

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« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2005, 05:01:51 PM »
 I have a subscription to Nintendo Power and EGM. I don't really care for either magazine, as Nintendo Power's reviews are ridiculously biased. As far as EGM, I don't often see eye to eye with any of their reviewers, and as such do not put any emphasis on their opinions.

 I hear Play magazine is great, and from what I've seen, it is. I'd go with that one as being the best.


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I renew Nintendo Power every year to get a "free" strategy guide. NP has actually gotten a lot better since the beginning of this year, but, like BM said, the reviews still need work.
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Actually, I think it needs to take off the reviews all together.
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I sent in for a NP subscription. I'm still waiting for it and my free AC t-shirt.
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I subsrcibed to NP, and my first issue is volume 199 in January 2006.

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I've never liked Nintendo Power that much, but seem to always be getting it because of resubscription bribes. It is getting better lately though, with the cool Making of Twilight Princess articles and the Community section.

The only gaming magazine I truly love, however, is Computer Games. It has marvelous, mature, insightful writers, emphasis on quality reviews based on the finished game, and about eight delicious essays per issue. It's not just a bunch of pictures and one-line jokes. I've been subscribed for what seems like forever. One of the only things I realized I didn't do at E3 was go to their booth and see if any of their actual staff was there.

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EGM and Nintendo Power are my two favorites.
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My all-time fav is EGM, followed by Nintendo Power, because the Letters sections are hilarious, and the Game Over section in EGM is enough to keep me laughing for... 5 mins. But i subscribe to OXM (Official Xbox Magazine) and PSM (guess)

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I basically feel the same way about NP as everyone else.  However, a freebie or two a month is worth the $1.

My favorite gaming mags of all time are PC Gamer and Next Generation, ca. 1997.
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The only gaming magazines I have access to is Electronic Gaming Monthly, and Nintendo Power, though I've never subscribed to either.
EGM is my favorite I guess.
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I've been meaning to renew to NP, but haven't gotten around to it.  Signing up at Gamefly got me a subscription to X-Box magazine, and it's alright.  The reviewers are very hard to please, unless it's some big game like King Kong or Dead or Alive, will give the game somewhere around 5-6.5.  They also have a tendency to make little snide remarks about Nintendo, or mainly the Gamecube.  I can get past the bad reviews and mean comments, but I hate how there are so many ads.  I've counted up to 10 pages dedicated to just ads, Most of them being two page ads.
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Mr. Melee

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I had a subscription to GI. Tons of ads and it was cool, but too mature for people like me.
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