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A shoehorned-in Wario hurls explosives in...

Wario Blast: featuring Bomberman!

In 1994, Hudson Soft released Bomberman GB in Japan, the latest entry in the Bomberman series.  Nintendo picked up the publishing rights throughout the rest of the world and added Wario, releasing the game as Wario Blast.  Aside from the addition of Wario, the games are essentially the same.

As Wario or Bomberman, progress through eight worlds, blasting away enemies (Wario fights evil Bomberman clones, while Bomberman fights... Warios).  Kill all of your opponents and move on to the next stage, with bosses at the end of each world.  Make it all the way to the end, defeat the final giant bomb boss, and Wario & Bomberman will drive off into the sunset on their motorcycles.

Wario Blast features Super Game Boy borders and even a four player mode, assuming you have the SNES four player multitap.  Wario Blast's Super Game Boy frame features Wario leering over the playfield, whereas the original Bomberman GB had a blue Bomberman in his place.  Oddly enough, the game doesn't appear to support the Game Link cable.
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