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The Joystiq article goes one worse in calling him a hero for being the closest to a real life Batman.  It's just awful, and then people get ****y when a news outlet, Fox or otherwise, points a [darn]ing finger at games and those that play.  I got so angry at the comments, like this is something to strive for.  My jaw literally dropped; gaping at the new low for games to be reminded of, and absolutely unsure why so many people were behind this GROWN MAN for his gross action.

EDIT: Looking around, this may be a joke article BY joystiq.  God I hope so.

EDIT 2: Yeah, Joystiq made a editors note that it's satire, though it wasn't there this morning when I checked the first time, when it already had more comments in favor of it than I would prefer.
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Despite what much of the Internet thinks to the contrary, "just kidding" is not an automatic out when you express a controversial or offensive opinion, even if it really is supposed to be a joke.

Saying something is a joke doesn't make the original statement suddenly not exist; in fact, in the case of offensive "jokes," it makes matters even worse, because it means you as a person are low enough to try to pull humor out of putting down other people.

Joystiq's writers and editors should be ashamed of themselves for letting this article get through. It's incredibly unprofessional, and honestly, if I were in charge of any of the ad firms they use, I'd pull my ads from their site, because I wouldn't want to have that kind of opinion associated with anything I'm selling, even if it is a joke.

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<a href="" target="_blank"></a>


Fox News is a pathetic excuse for journalism and everyone who works there should feel like terrible human beings.

Also this post for merely being an attack on Fox News in a thread about raging/losing faith in humanity.

[inb4 obligatory rebecca black reference unless someone already made it but i don't know because i didn't read the whole thread]

PS: Games that involve being "eco-friendly" in any way being a way to indoctrinate kids on the "liberal agenda"? Wow. Pathetic. Teaching kids not to make Earth an uninhabitable wasteland is brainwashing. Just wow.
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Ugh, Congress just needs to stay away from the internet, period.  They clearly don't know how to legislate it and something like this will just completely stifle creativity...all in the name of money (the rich getting richer, as it were?).
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That sounds pretty awful.

Anyway, I haven't actually heard the full story, but I like how that woman claiming Justin Bieber fathered her child is apparently comfortable admitting that she is either a pedophile or was raped by the kid who sang "Eenie Meenie".
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South Park covered that chicken pox thing in, like, the '90s.

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I won.
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Well, we already decided that ketchup was a vegetable during the Reagan administration, so I'm surprised pizza didn't already fall under that. And Congress giving in to lobbyists, while bad, certainly isn't anything new.

What made me lose, though, was the people in the comments saying that the reason this is wrong is because tomatoes are fruits, not vegetables. Yeah, enjoy your tomato sherbet, guys. Scientifically, it's a fruit because it's the part that has seeds in it, but both culinarily and legally, it is also a vegetable, because it does not taste like something you would put in a fruit salad. You know, like corn. Do you guys also want corn to not count as a vegetable in school lunches? What about tomatoes and cucumbers and peas and green beans and squash and pumpkins and peppers? And why would being fruit even matter? Fruit is important too. It's not like being a fruit automatically makes something unhealthy. Don't we want apples and bananas and kiwis and honeydew melons in our kids' lunches too?
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Not all pizzas use tomato sauce or paste. Some of them use alfredo or a white sauce.

What about pizzas that are covered in meat? Does that make them an animal?
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I've always considered pizza junk food. Okay, so it has some vegetables and meat on it. Big deal. I wouldn't call a doughnut plastered with apple bits a fruit.
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I'm just waiting for them to declare soda a vegetable based on the amount of corn syrup it contains. You know it's gonna happen.
"Oh man, I wish being a part of a Mario fan community was the most embarrassing thing about my life." - Super-Jesse