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This whole #CancelColbert thing has really got my gears into maximum overgrind.

A quick summary: Colbert mocks the hypocrisy of the guy (Dan Snyder's his name, by the way) who owns the Redskins starting the Original Americans Foundation for Native Americans...while not changing the name of the team to something less racist. He does so by saying that he's going to start the "Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever" to show support for the Asian community. The point is that he's exposing the hypocrisy of Snyder doing things to prove that he's not racist...while still doing blatantly racist stuff. He does so by mimicking him to show how dumb he looks. It's an example of a classic satirical technique; exaggerate and show this thing in a different light, to show how stupid said thing is.

An Asian activist (who, by the way, seems to be a SJW type person judging by some of the other tweets she's made) decided to get #CancelColbert trending after being offended by this. The problem is that she clearly doesn't understand satire.

He was using those overblown stereotypes to make a point. Colbert's whole act is that he pretends to be stupid so we can point and laugh at people like him in our society. Anyone who's even slightly familiar with Colbert's work would know that. The point of him using those racial stereotypes was to say "Hey, look how stupid this is! That other guy was doing it? See how dumb I look when I'm doing it? That should show you that that guy's stupid as well!" It wasn't just a straight up racist joke. Colbert pretends like he's cool with these things on his show...because his persona is a parody of those types of people.

It was pretty funny watching said activist (Her name is Suey Park, by the way) get shut down on HuffPo Live. Her own summary is thus; "HuffPo Live just had me on, host called my opinions stupid, then got upset I told him white men couldn't have an opinion. They muted me." She denied explaining herself when the host told her to, which is hilarious. (Also, the host has denied muting her.)
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It's not happening. If anything, something making fun of it will be done.

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Oh, I know there's no actual threat of The Colbert Report being cancelled or anything. I'm awaiting Monday so I can see how they'll make fun of it (and I really, really hope he doesn't apologize). It's just that the stupidity around it absolutely confounds me.

And to be fair, if you search for the hashtag on Twitter, half or more of the tweets you'll see are actually mocking it. I'm still surprised about how much genuine agreement it got, though.


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Quoting directly from a FB message to my friend after hearing about this: "Wait, what the **** does this have to do with transphobia? Why the **** do they think a couple of tweets will cancel a show that's been running for over a decade? And most importantly, what pill needs to exist for SJWs to tamp down their hard-on for referring to any theoretically offensive comment someone makes as part of this grand metaphysical "discourse" like all of time, space, and western society is a used college textbook?"
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I personally thought this was gold.

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She really beats around the bush when answering questions. If I were the one conducting the interview, I'd have told her, "Chop chop, Suey".
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Quote from: Suey Park
Of course I understand satire, I'm a writer. I think satire caters to the audience that you're speaking to so it says something about what the audience finds humorous or acceptable.

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How is "Why #CancelColbert?" a loaded question?
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It hurts her narcissism.

You oughta check out her Twitter account, she's absolutely lost it and she's basically pulling the "No, I'M THE SATIRICAL ONE" card. Or something. It seems that she thinks people only called her opinion stupid because she's a woman.

ALSO THERE'S #CancelSNL NOW, this [dukar] has gone too ****ing far. This stupid uber political correctness movement will die as all the main believers in it have been out of college for a couple years...r-right?
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Their idealism is gonna hit long-term reality like water on hot blacktop.
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Wondering how Colbert's gonna handle I post this, the Colbert Report airs in six minutes.

EDIT: Oh my god, that was amazing. He didn't back down one bit, kept the laughs coming in strong, and hilariously used sarcasm to point out how he's portraying a character ("I MEAN EVERYTHING I SAY ON THIS SHOW!"). The best part was when he shut down the "Ching Chong Ding Dong Foundation for Orientals or Whatever" and announced that he'd give all the money to the Redskins, which he said "Twitter must be fine with, because I haven't seen [dukar] about that", noting how they didn't actually do anything about the actual racist he was satirizing in the first place.

However...I've lost faith yet again. You see, at one point, he actually told his viewers NOT to harass the person that started #CancelColbert, and now people are mad at him because he mentioned her on the show at all! (He showed her face at one point, but while her name was on screen briefly, it was only as part of a screenshot that focused on something else; he never even actually said her name.) He tries to protect the person attempting to get his show taken off the air, and people still get angry at him? Perhaps they're just angry at the smackdown Colbert laid down. Yeah, it's bull[dukar] that she's getting death threats for speaking her mind (Even IF her opinion is, like Josh Zepps said, "stupid"). But when Colbert goes out of his way to tell people not to attack her, don't get mad at him for mentioning her on the show.
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