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Mario Chat / Re: How is it possible to improve SSBM?
« on: January 15, 2006, 03:20:52 PM »
New Characters:
Baby Mario and Baby Luigi
Bowser Jr./Shadow Mario
Diddy Kong

Individual character entries. (the absence of those entrances was one of the only things that disappointed me on SSBM)

More items:
Green Mushroom (1up in player's life stock)

More Stages:
Delfino Plaza
Noki Bay
Roof of Luigi's Mansion
(All past stages)
Ganon's Tower (LoZ: OoT)
Mt. Battle (GCN Pokemon RPGs)

More Trophies
NES superstars (8-bit sprites of Mario, Link, Samus, etc.)
NES baddies (8-bit sprites of King Koopa, Ganon, Mother Brain, etc)

new cheers

And as said before, a more apropriate voice for Luigi.  Almost everyone who has played Mario Kart or Luigi's Mansion knows that Luigi's voice is lower pitched than his brother's.

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