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Unless you didn't get a Wii, anyone reading this board has probably already beaten, or at least played, the main story of Super Paper Mario. However, how many can say they went to the Pit of 100 Trials and lived to tell about it? I am proud to say I only know of two people: Me, and Stephen Totilo from Unlike me, who simply yelled at the TV as I progressed, Stephen contemplated how "the Pit" takes gamers back to the "good old days" of Pac-Man, where the thrill came from just trying to hang on as long as possible. Overall, it's a great article that'll carry you through his experience, and maybe even give you an itch to enter the Pit, or try it once more.

 A warning to our readers: This article may contain spoilers, so click at your own risk.

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"The," eh? Don'tcha know there are two?
Yes, I beat the Flipside one. I looked up what was at the bottom of the Flopside one. I'll do the Flopside one eventually.
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I've beaten the Flipside pit, and come rather close to beating the Flopside pit (last time I tried, I died on floor 93). I also liked the music in both pits.

Unless you didn't get a Wii,
Deezer has a Wii now.
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I beat both Flipside and Flopside Pits (the Flopside Pit twice). And I'm pretty sure thousands of other people have already too. It's all in the matter of what items to bring, what is the best character/Pixl to use in each situation, and at what your Score is at before you enter.
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