Author Topic: "Super Mario Bros. was a ****in' nightmare" says the guy who played Mario  (Read 6304 times)


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Bob Hoskins, who played Mario in the sometimes-infamous Super Mario Bros: The Movie, has spoken out about the project fourteen years later in an interview with The Guardian.  And he doesn't have anything positive to say.

"The worst thing I ever did? Super Mario Brothers. It was a ****in' nightmare. The whole experience was a nightmare. It had a husband-and-wife team directing, whose arrogance had been mistaken for talent. After so many weeks their own agent told them to get off the set! ****in' nightmare. ****in' idiots."

Incidentally, the directors, Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton, haven't directed a film since.  Though the film initially received a lukewarm reception by critics in part due to their lack of video game understanding, it has become a popular target of derision by gamers due to the liberties taken with the story.  Now we see what the starring actor really thought about the whole deal, and a good reason why there was never a sequel despite the cliffhanger ending.

Link: The Guardian (Warning: Hoskins has a potty-mouth)
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It could have been SMB2J, Bob. Consider yourself lucky.
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The children here will get scared.


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Yeah, I just caught wind of this... No surprise on all counts.
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I don't think he's saying the actual movie was a nightmare, or the idea of it being about the Mario Bros was bad, rather the people in charge really made it an unfavorable job to do. The Mario movie is what it is though, and I just wish they'd make a new one, complete with 3D visuals and the voice actors from the game. Put Miyamoto in charge of that, and it'll work out just fine.
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I think I read on Wikipedia that Bob didn't even know that the movie was based on a video game until he told his son about it. Heh.
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I heard that too, but not on the Wiki.

The movie wasn't that bad.  Just don't look at it as a movie based off Mario, and you might find it to be...*long pause*...interesting.  *another long pause* then you'll think of it as 'Interesting, yet grossly inaccurate'
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I guess that's what happens when the directors (Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton) do a Mario movie where they have no knowledge about the history of the Super Mario Bros. game, like we do.

Like the goombas, for example, they've should've been like the little grumpy mushrooms that we know, not some overgrown 8-feet tall lizards. Plus, Bowser (or Koopa as he known in the movie), he's supposed to be the terrifying evil turtle-like reptile (or King of the Koops, if you will) with his famous spiked shell, not a human-like tyrannical politician or something.

Sorry if those sounded like spoilers, but that's basically some of the details that were considered wrong for this one, thus resulting in the flop that was made.

Overall, the details of the movie were way off. They could've made it like, i don't know... in marionation or something, kinda like Thunderbirds (for some of the familiar Mario enemies that we know).
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Actually, no.  I think the directors had a fine idea of the history of the series otherwise the movie wouldn't have been full of so many fun little cameos.  They simply did their own take on the story.  I also think that the movie was actually good, but misunderstood by both the critics and gamers as I mentioned in the original post.  As long as you aren't preoccupied with comparing the movie universe to the game universe, it's a quite original and humorous movie with great special effects for the time.  I think most of the cheesiness was simply due to its PG rating.

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You think Super Mario Bros. is an inaccurate videogame movie? How many have you watched? Because I think Mario Bros. is practically canon compared to stuff like Resident Evil and House of the Dead and BloodRayne. As a matter of fact, most game movies seems to share nothing but name and general theme with the game. SMB had all the character names and princess rescuing and everything.

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I haven't seen any other video game movie outside of SMB (because I've heard so much bad news about them).

I watched SMB when I was a kid, when I really couldn't understand bad news.
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The story was fine. The visuals were shockingly inaccurate, though. I'm all for a 3-D computer-generated Mario movie, even with the same plot as the existing Super Mario Bros. movie. I think a Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga movie would do better, though.
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The plot was not at all suited for an animated movie.


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I'd prefer a cartoon, and it shall be animated by 4Kids! *gets gunned down*
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I'd like to see a new anime movie, or see the GMTRPP be dubbed (as long as it's kept far away from 4Kids' clutches).
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