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DS Fanboy sat down with Rich Amtower, who works in  the translation department for Nintendo's Treehouse division. In the interview, he talked about his most recently released work, DK Jungle Climber. Below is a portion of the interview...

DSF: You recently worked on DK Jungle Climber, what were some of the unique challenges you ran into in localizing this title?
RA: The game was still in development while we were localizing it. This meant that every few days, whole levels might be tweaked so that we'd have to rewrite hints, clues, and tutorials. Staying on top of the changes was critical, because you want to make sure you're giving good, clear, and fun information to the player at all times. It was great seeing how much work the development team put into the game, and their efforts really show through in the finished product.

Check out the rest of the interview below!

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