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It wasn't a poison shroom! The problem was where it came from.

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Those cakes are awesome. I always asked my parents If I could have a mario cake when I was younger. But I never got one;(
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That is most definitely a poison shroom. Super/Magic shrooms have white dots. Poison shrooms have black dots.
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All your dreeeeeeams begiiin to shatterrrrrr~
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Cool! They look delicious.
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Here's another question about that mushroom: Why is it a poison shroom? Do they want a poisoned cake, or what?
I think you need to adjust your monitor.
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Best. Cakes. Ever.
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I just realized something:  Men traditionally propose with a ring--but this is a mistake!  I'm going to pop the question with CAKE.  Who could say no to cake?
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Today's actually... nobody's birthday!  Quick, hurry up and make a baby!

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I can.

Why? Because of the obvious reference that I'm posting here so that we can get it right out of the way.

There. See? Quick and painless.
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