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I'm back after not having been on here in a long time, but the need for a Nintendo question came up...

My grandfather has a Nintendo D.S. that he uses for the Brain Age game. Since the game can accommodate more than one person, he told me to calculate my brain age. I took the test but had a major problem with it. The microphone does not always recognize my voice when I say the word "blue", leading to a brain age of 80 due to all of the so-called "incorrect" answers. I'm not speaking with any accents, etc, before anyone asks (because I recall that it had stated that only native English speakers were best recognized).

I gave it to someone else and they had the same problem, especially with blue.

My possible theories...let me know if I'm on the right track or not...

1. The batteries are going? Is there any gage on there like a cell phone has?
2. Maybe I'm not holding it close enough or far away enough? It was probably a foot away from my body.
3. Does it matter how it's turned? I had it opened so that it looked like a book.


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Not sure, but my DS does a terrible job at recognizing voices compared to my DS Lite...
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The blue voice recognition problem is a well-known bug in the game.  There's not much you can do other than saying "ba-loo."


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Is the "ooo" the most important part?

So I should be saying it like name of the big bear dude in Jungle Book?


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I do believe one particular website, on their list of the top ten videogame bosses, "the color blue" in Brain Age was prominently listed.
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