Author Topic: Kuribo's Shoe Tops Best Inanimate Object List  (Read 4982 times)


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« on: April 07, 2008, 03:21:57 PM »

The Kuribo's Shoe, known to some (incorrectly) as Goomba's Shoe, has beaten the Weighted Companion Cube, the Smashball, and Snake's Cardboard Box on's top 7 inanimate objects list. By claiming the number one spot, Kuribo's Shoe may perhaps one day best the "L" shaped Tetris block as gaming's most beloved icon. Congratulations, Kuribo's Shoe!

<Kojinka> When I saw this thread back on top, I was afraid this was gonna be another pointless bump by a new member, but when I saw Super-Jesse's username, my fears were laid to rest.


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I wouldn't say "incorrectly" since SMA4 calls it Goomba's Shoe and that would be a direct translation of Kuribo anyhow.


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That picture leaves me speechless.

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Weighted Companion Cube was robbed! Robbed I tell you!

Oh well.

There's no sense crying over every mistake.