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Just to clarify, the YLYL-style losing was not to your post here, Weegee; it was to CE7's autobiography.
If she is indeed genetically mutated such that she has an eye in the back of her head, then I guess that she is genetically mutated and has an eye in the back of her head.

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Wooow! These are great too! I really like the Knife guy drawing. It looks as if his blades are cutting right through the paper. And the drawing with Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Daisy looks great and it has a lot of detail. I'm sure it took weeks to finish. Great work on both drawings! :D
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Thar be a lot of awesome in this thread.

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that's great! I'm mean really GREAT!
I don't see why we can't have links or images in this.
Avatars would be nice too.

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Waaaahh!! It's a long time I haven't posted anything here yet!! ;_;

Now I recover with lots of new drawings!! =D

I'm very sorry for my absence, but sometimes I get lost in the Mushroom Kingdom... You see! :D

By the way, lately I'm very inspired.... I have made many other drawings, but I I'm still working on them.

Now I suggest what you will see next!

*I am enjoying a lot New Super Mario Bros Wii and surely it is also inspiring me sooo much!! *w*
I mean....I'm trying to portrait some old, cool and lovable friends"! ;)

Heyaaa!!! >=D

It's meee, Super Caterina! =D


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By "old, cool, and lovable friends," I hope you're referring to Yoshi.  :3

Well, anyway, your attention to detail is staggering.  Great work!

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I'm very sorry for my very long absence and...oh well, probably I'm starting too often each post like this. XD
Anyway, I have something new to share related to art: at the end of 2012 I received a Wacom tablet II from a very kind friend. I am very happy with it, finally I can draw directly on my computer (normally I used to scan lineart-clean and then color in Photoshop with the mouse ._.)!
Things are easier now, thanks to the tablet, so I made much more art! However, I am posting only a few Mario fanart I made recently (you can find it in my website: the last year (2013). I won't annoy you with 2 years long art! XD

Can you get all the references? :D

I could also make a Rosalina animation test (be patient with me, I am only at the first stage as self-learner)! XD

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It's meee, Super Caterina! =D

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Hot [darn]. Love the third one in particular.
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Wow! Nice to see you're still at it, Caterina.

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Awesome work! I love all of them, but really like the third one!

I actually don't get the reference in the second one, unless it's a Godzilla-like situation.
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The second one is a reference to Attack on Titan.
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