Author Topic: Miyamoto: Future Mario Games May Use Balance Board  (Read 11319 times)

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I think all these games people are arguing about are totally fab, but let me say that DKC2 has the greatest and cleverest secret area hiding of any game ever made.

And if you guys are having trouble with barrel blasting, you must not know the secret trick! :)

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I can blast them barrels blindfolded. I always thought they should made an entire game based around that concept, with a course editor and everything.

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I agree it was for the most part blasting through barrels even in Brawl it was [darn] easy.
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"Future Nintendo Games May Use Balance Board?"

This is Nintendo's only drawback:  They keep trying to think up novel new control methods (DS touch screen, Wiimote, Balance board, etc.) instead of concentrating on making good games (not that their games are bad).  And since it seems like the GCN controller is the most popular option by far when usable, they should take a lesson from past success.
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I think the bigger drawback might be Chupperson Weird's point about the ability to replay such games on future systems.