Author Topic: Rumor: Mario Superstar Baseball Coming June 19th  (Read 4438 times)


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Famitsu's April issue is reporting that Mario Superstar Baseball (Wii) is set to release June 19th in Japan. If the rumor turns out to be true, that possibly means a North American (and presumably European) release wouldn't be fair behind. The Nintendo Media Summit, being held tomorrow and Friday in North America, will hopefully bring light to some new Mario related titles and release dates.


UPDATE: Thanks to some new information, the release date has been confirmed for Japan.
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I figure it would make sense to release sports-related games when the weather isn't already good enough to merit actually playing sports.

But, hey, I'm not bashing it--just had one of those "hmm..." moments.
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I have yet to play the first one.
Ditto used Machop!

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Hopefully the Wii Remote controls will be more practical than MSB with its "slide your character around and hope it hits the ball" controls.


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Wait, I thought it was called Super Mario Sluggers?
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