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This is rather small...but I've seen it a lot of times and I now feel it's right for me to say something about it. Anyway, it seems that who ever is updating the site HTML, forgets to change the anchor property to the current news on the news page, this when you click the most current news link on the homepage, it actually brings you to the second newest. And for the record, I'm using Firefox...


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A similar problem exists with RSS feeds.  My iGoogle feed still shows the Circuit City blog post as the newest update. 
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That's odd. I tried it in Opera, Firefox, and IE. It worked fine for me in all 3 of them.


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Works for me.  The links are generated automatically.


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Maybe you should delete your cookies/history?

Have you tried wiping your hard drive?  It usually works for me.
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Maybe you should delete your cookies/history?

Wow, it actually worked. Thanks.