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                                                                    PHASE 14

                                                      (Celistar and Wes are quickly walking through Tropix City. Every once in a while, a walker-by stares at Celistar…and then also quickly walks away.)


Celistar: So…THIS is Tropix City. I’ve read so much about it…during my classes. This is where the planes that go to Isle Delfino start, right?

Wes: Yes…there’s an airport area next to the city. It’s very popular.

Celistar: Hey…don’t you think we could take an airplane to Koopa City? That’s practically in the Barren Lands…and that leads directly to Bowser’s Castle!

Wes: Too bad we’d need passports…and that would lead to Identity Cards…

Celistar: Oh…yeah. Well, couldn’t we fake one? Give fake names…change our looks a little…

Wes: The Airport Guards will have gotten word of your disappearance…

Celistar: Remember that I “died”?

Wes: They’ll still look for you. Just in case you DID survive…

Celistar: …Which I did. Ugh! I suppose we will have to take that long walk…

Wes: Are you seeing the insanity of your plan now? Ready to stay here?

Celistar: No! Toadbert…

Wes: And you’re the princess…if you die…

Celistar: I could die…or I could save Toadbert, and we’d both stay alive.

Wes: Are you brave…or stupid?

Celistar: Oh be quiet! The only reason we’re here is to get supplies anyway. Then we’re on the open road.

Wes: Yeah…the Klapra Mountains…that criminal cesspool…ugh…

Celistar: Come on. They’ve got to have a store of some kind, around here…

(Switch to Bowser’s Castle, Dungeons. Camera moves across. Residents inside the cages include rebel Koopas, a few Toads, and an insane Shy Guy, and finally, Toadbert, sitting, depressed and desperate.)

Toadbert: It’s so cold. It’s…it’s so cold. And…it only gets colder. The murky wetness…covering the floor…yet the walls…they are so dry…it’s so disturbing…ugh…its’…it’s all symbolism! SYMBOLISM! EVERYTHING IS SOMETHING ELSE! EVERYTHING IS A LIE! CAKE CAKE!

Koopa Guard: Ha ha! You must be the fastest case I’ve ever seen! It only took you 8 hours to go nuts! (Starts to open door)

Toadbert: Cake?

Koopa Guard: No. I’m taking you to the Torture Room, where you’re going to tell a friend of mine everything you know…or you get to have your fingernails pulled out.

Toadbert: Mmm…okay!

Koopa Guard: Come on!

(The Koopa Guard quickly ties a rope around Toadbert’s neck, and drags him to the room. It’s depressing, and disturbing. There is blood almost everywhere, and in the middle of the room, and a grinning Goomba is (strangely) sitting up.)

Goomba: Well…our newest prisoner…who I’m sure will tell us everything we need to know.

Toadbert: Hmm!

Koopa Guard: Heh heh. He just went insane. That potion you have…you sure it’ll work?

Goomba: Yes, yes. As I’ve told you now about 12 times, the Speckian Concoction is a complex formula that shifts brain cells, so that they temporarily go back to normal.

Koopa Guard: Yeah…well, have fun, Dr. Speckian. Remember…King Bowser has ordered that the prisoner be put to the most painful machines. Lord Bowser has lost faith in his Apprentice…and he needs this information. …By the way, you should put this guy in your new head crusher.

Dr. Speckian: Maybe I will…no matter what, this will be fun! Now then…

(He pulls out a strange test tube from his lab coat.)

Dr. Speckian: Ready to tell me how to pass the Kingdom’s defenses?

(A long scene features Mushroom City, with hundreds of Mushroom Castle Guards entering. Under Peach’s Order’s, they demand all Koopas come with them. Some willingly come. Some fight. Some run, and are caught. Some get away. But most are dragged and stuffed into the Castle Dungeons. Most of the Toad’s feel sick inside, and wonder what they are doing. But, after all, it is Peach’s Orders. Night falls. One Koopa, escaping from a group of Toad’s, runs into an alley. The darkness is overwhelming, and as he moves on…)

???: …o…

Koopa: What? Wha-?

(A dark form leaps out…and attacks the Koopa. The screen instantly blacks out.)


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OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD I absolutly love that story. But somehow I think its sad. I cut myself after I reaad that story. Please dont make it more story or my personal break down and suiccide is close. PLEASE DONT LET THIS COOL JONAS CHARACTER DIE. do YOU like the JONAS BROS.

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OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD I absolutly love that story. But somehow I think its sad. I cut myself after I reaad that story. Please dont make it more story or my personal break down and suiccide is close. PLEASE DONT LET THIS COOL JONAS CHARACTER DIE. do YOU like the JONAS BROS.


                                                                   PHASE 15
                                                                 The First Wave

                                                              (Wes and Celistar are already leaving Tropix City. It is sunset. Both of them are heaving large backpacks.)

Celistar: I guess it could just go like this forever. Get backpacks…lose backpacks…get new ones again…

Wes: There’s not a rich city everywhere, you know. We’re entering the wild country…or kingdom, more like.

Celistar: What do you mean?

Wes: We’ve passed the Mushroom Kingdom borders. We’re now in an area between the Mushroom Kingdom and Dark Land…and to a miniscule extent-Sarasaland.

Celistar: That’s up north…right?

Wes: Yes…just about two miles of border connects Sarasa to these “Wild Lands”.

Celistar: How do you know so much?

Wes: I learned a lot of this…in…school…yeah.

Celistar: Your education was a lot better then mine.

Wes: Yeah…well they didn’t expect you to fight for Bowser.

(Silence. Scene switch to Toadbert…smiling crazily. His face instantly snaps to a dazed look…tired and sad. Dr. Speckian smiles darkly. The “patient” is finally awake.)

Dr. Speckian: So…I see your mind is alive again.

Toadbert: Oh…no…the dungeon…the cold…

Dr. Speckian: Don’t worry…about the dungeons…but your true terror…is about to begin…

Toadbert: Oh…the infamous torture room…

Dr. Speckian: Yes…but it will soon be a beacon of hope for everyone in our kingdom, a chance to overtake the Mushroom Kingdom.

Toadbert: Heh…IF I tell you anything…I barely know anything about the Kingdom’s secrets….I’m just-

Dr. Speckian: Don’t lie to me, you spot headed idiot. YOU are Toadbert…the only Toad smarter then you is Russ T…and he-

Toadbert: Cannot be captured…the advance security systems around his house that he’s paid E. Gadd for are some of the most advance in the world. So…it comes to me.

Dr. Speckian: Yes. Before you waste my time any further, to give me less time to torture you, I want to know if you know why I’m a “Doctor”.

Toadbert: …

Dr. Speckian: I have had training in torture. I am the best the world has seen…(mumble)…I am the best in the world of these times…that voice full of assurance won’t last long…Mario’s dead…heh…heh…ha! Ha ha hah ha! I can FEEL you trembling! I feel your terror. So…this is the ripe time. I will ask you a final time before I give you my gift of pain. TELL ME WHAT THE KOOPA KINGDOM DOES NOT KNOW. TELL ME.

Toadbert: N…y…n…ye…n…ye…

Dr. Speckian: Say it! Or it begins!

(Black out. Switch to Mushroom City. It’s chaos. There are thousands of protesters in the streets. Not all are Koopas. Angry citizens storm the castle. Peach is on a balcony, screaming to the crowd.)

Peach: QUIET…MY…children… (Mumble)…some…Koopa…has…taken…my…daughter…we…must…find…the….culprit…-

Random Toad: This is wrong! This is sick!

Random Toad 2: Guards! Why are you allowing this? This is insanity!

(Guards look around nervously. But they believe in the princess too much…)

Peach: You…I’ll…arrest…you…too. Grab…them…guards!

(Guards look ashamed, but they rush into the crowd, grabbing Koopas and the targeted Toads. They fight back, but more and more guards come.)

Random Toad 3: Where…why are their so…MANY?

(Peach turns to leave)

Peach: Please…be…nice…my…chil…dren…

(She disappears into the darkness of her castle. Toads and Koopas alike scream in outrage. Some start to throw rocks at the castle. But more…and more guards come…too many…to be real…)


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OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD I absolutly love that story. But somehow I think its sad. I cut myself after I reaad that story. Please dont make it more story or my personal break down and suiccide is close. PLEASE DONT LET THIS COOL JONAS CHARACTER DIE. do YOU like the JONAS BROS.

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A friend of mine's little sister wore a Beatles T-shirt to school one day. A kid asked her if it was the Jonas Brothers. I'm pretty sure she punched him.
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Jonas Brothers dislike aside, I really am interested as to where the story will go from here, and though the plot of Mario getting killed and someone else stepping up to his position isn't exactly numero uno for originality (nor is Mario with a child) but the way you present it is certainly intriguing. Keep up the good work.
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A friend of mine's little sister wore a Beatles T-shirt to school one day. A kid asked her if it was the Jonas Brothers. I'm pretty sure she punched him.

Funny you should say that, actually. You're my friend, I have a little sister who's a raving Beatles fan, and she punched someone who mistakenly proclaimed she was wearing a Jonas Brothers shirt.

Forgive me for posting the Picard facepalm picture and sending the story off topic, but the situation called for it. Your story is very good nintendoobsessed and I'm interested on where it's going to go from here.
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Luigison: Question everything!
Me: Why?

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Funny you should say that, actually. You're my friend, I have a little sister who's a raving Beatles fan, and she punched someone who mistakenly proclaimed she was wearing a Jonas Brothers shirt.

Forgive me for posting the Picard facepalm picture and sending the story off topic, but the situation called for it. Your story is very good nintendoobsessed and I'm interested on where it's going to go from here.

It's okay. That post really called for it. (And apparantly, this was the Bloodykoopas first post. Did he join JUST to write that stuff? :P


Jonas Brothers dislike aside, I really am interested as to where the story will go from here, and though the plot of Mario getting killed and someone else stepping up to his position isn't exactly numero uno for originality (nor is Mario with a child) but the way you present it is certainly intriguing. Keep up the good work.

Yeah, I know. This is kind of like how Super Mario Sunshine was to Super Mario Galaxy. I took a lot of the ideas from Mario's Crowbar (Names, Mario dying, etc.), and tried to improve them into this. I guess it worked out, as I'm getting a lot more comments for this!

                                                                 PHASE 16
                                                               Misty Mountain

                                                           (Traveling through the Klapra Mountains. It has been three days since Phase 15. Celistar looks tired but determined. Wes is well, but he is severely annoyed.)

Celistar: These are some…long mountains…

Wes: The Klapra Mountains go on for hundreds of miles.

Celistar: Well…we’ve got to rescue…Toadbert…

Wes: Why are you so determined about this? By this time, they’ve probably finished torturing him, and have now finished him off. It only takes the doctor two hours to find the information he wants.

Celistar: …Doctor?

Wes: Oh…er…yes. I’m assuming they have a doctor. To torture the…”patients”…

Celistar: Then why did you say you knew how many-

(Suddenly, two Dark Koopas come from behind a large rock. One holds a knife. The other holds a large sack.)

Dark Koopa: Heh heh heh. What a random group. A Koopa and a Human…let’s just get to the details. You put everything valuable in here… (Points to sack)…then, we play a game to see if you live.

Celistar: You’ve got to be kidding. Are we supposed to be intimidated by that knife?

Wes: Um, Cel…that’s a KNIFE. It’s sharp. And it kills.

Celistar: It’s not as bad as that thing that killed my father…

Wes: Yes, but-

Celistar: Let’s just get this over with.

Dark Koopa: Yes! Stop your nonsense, and give us whatever’s in those backpacks!

Celistar: Well, I can definitely give you a pack!

(Celistar leaps on the Dark Koopa without the knife. His head smashes into his shell, screaming as his skull is broken into shards, piercing his head, causing a rush of blood coming out of the shell. Celistar leaps off sideways, sending the shell spinning at the other Dark Koopa in a wonder of physics. It knocks the Koopa in the gut, smacking him off a cliff side, the shell following. The only thing left is a large puddle of blood. Shocked silence.)

Wes: That “pack” thing wasn’t funny.

Celistar: I know. I never really liked puns, anyway.

(Switch to Bowser’s Castle. Throne Room. Bowser is still on his throne; he refuses to go anywhere else, except when absolutely necessary. Dr. Speckian has arrived, angry that he has had to walk all the way from the dungeons.)

Bowser: Well, Professor Speckiyam? What did you learn?

Dr. Speckian: It’s DOCTOR SPECKIAN, sir, and I have learned an incredible amount from the prisoner, since you have given me so much time to torture him.

Bowser: And…?

Dr. Speckian: E. Gadd has installed a complex security system. It involves every known entrance to the castle-including windows-except one.

Bowser: What? Yes? Where is it?

Dr. Speckian: (Looks nervous, and then whispers something unintelligible)

Bowser: WHAT?

Dr. Speckian: Yes…the prisoner…after many torture devices, he finally screamed out this secret.

Bowser: But-I-…

Dr. Speckian: It would likely be a good idea that you send some…random Koopa to do the job…I don’t think you’d fit, anyway…

Bowser: WHAT? Are you saying-?

Dr. Speckian: No…no…but…surely you wouldn’t want to go through-

Bowser: No. No, that’s right. We’ll have to send a team, however. I doubt only one would get the princess out.

Dr. Speckian: Maybe this isn’t worth it. Even if it’s disused…a hundred year old sewage pipe is still not very…clean…

Bowser: QUIET. It’s not my problem, I’m not going in there. Besides, Mario’s gone, and Luigi’s incident has left him…unhelpful to them. And Mario’s daughter…she’s actually coming HERE. BWA HA HA HA!

(The screen blacks slowly, Bowser’s laughs fading in the distance. Switch to Jonas, who wakes up in a panic. He is in a misty hut, and in the far end is a misty shape.)

???: Ahhhh…Jonas…you finally awake. You’ve been in that trance for three days.

Jonas: Ert…but the last thing I remember…ert…is starting up the castle…

???: The mist led you here in your sleep…you arrived asleep…the mist will do that…

Jonas: Ert…the mist! But…who are you?

(Mist starts to clear. It is an old Toad. Jonas starts to feel a strange tumult of feelings…coming from the Goomba. But he manages to not step back)

The Master: A long time ago, I was known as The Master. A Toad Town miracle. I was once even stronger then Mario.

Jonas: Ert…stronger?

The Master: Yes…but after much training, he defeated me. How is Mario?

Jonas: Ert…he died. The Doctors are still trying to find a cause, but the doctors are sure it was a Koopa.

The Master: Oh…that is terrible.

Jonas: Ert…yes…why are you away from Toad Town? In this misty mountain?

The Master: Heh heh ha. Mt. Shigeru is a place of higher meaning. It is a place of training…and I have evidence to believe that this mist is from a Gap.

Jonas: Gap?

The Master: Rips in the dimensional thread. But that is…getting off the subject. After all of this training, I have gained the ability to sense people’s energies…and I felt you. I wanted to bring you here, to see if my ability was truly correct, or if I needed more training…

Jonas: Well, ert-

The Master: A Heiho hero, eh?

Jonas: Well, actually, no. Well, I mean,-

The Master: I’m sure you can do something. I mean, you DID feel at least a little powerful.

Jonas: I’m ert…very sorry sir…maybe you misread.

The Master: Why are you so sure you are nothing? Perhaps you have hidden abilities-

Jonas: No. Now sir, I came up here for you to tell me where Celistar’s daughter was, and-

The Master: Well…if I can’t feel your energy correctly, perhaps I don’t truly know where Mario’s daughter is, hmm?

Jonas: Well, I…ert! I’m not going to waste any more time… (With a prompt turn, Jonas leaves, feeling more arrogant then ever. However, the House appears to be floating in the air, and Jonas starts falling. The Master looks down, and sighs.)

(Switch to Celistar’s nightmare. Young Celistar…running…tripping…through the black door…the figure…turning…the face of the mask……frustrating…it’s…SO FAMILIAR…something…important…the…figure…”Celistar…you’re d-“…she can’t hear the…rest…and….she turns…MORE…figures…all with the same mask…dark, shadowy bodies…she can feel their hate…and…surprise…and…! The…center…! It’s-It’s-!)



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Today on the Mushroom Kingdom-(And perhaps every Saturday!)-instead of a regular chapter, I'll be posting an "article" which will essentially be an advanced explanation of some part of the story-to make Mario even more realistic. Here's the first.

                                                               ARTICLE 1#: The Pipes
                                                                  By Professor Gadd


The Pipes. The mysterious, mass area of pipes to the far northeast of the Mushroom Kingdom. For centuries, these mysterious objects have affected our art and culture…and history, most famous because of the Krakatoz Massacre. But…what is the cause of these strange pipes? Why do strange organisms come crawling from The Pipes, beasts of indescribable terror? I will attempt to explain to the general public the simplified explanation of this fascinating…and morbid, phenomenon.


                                                       Let me begin by entailing the basic history of The Pipes. The earliest known record of The Pipes, is an 8000 year old scroll, called the “Antetzu Schrisus”…roughly translated as “Pipes Many”. It is an ancient description of The Pipes…and of a beast that came out of the Pipes. Described as “A twenty headed-Oni (Or demon)”, the beast rampaged through a nearby village, until a miracle cure (?) was found. The scripture is unclear on the “Cure” (?). There are no more mentions until 5000 years later. (3000 BMA {Before Mario’s Arrival}) A great deal of records suddenly burst forth, describing The Pipes, and culture’s fascination with it. There are many records of explorers entering the pipes, some returning, raving mad, and some never coming back. There would go onto be many more foolish explorers, entering The Pipes. But it would be 540 BMA that would go straight into history books. The Krakatoz Massacre occurred in late summer. A large group of explorers, led by Geraldine Krakatoz, went into the Pipes, to explore, with an old map offered by an anonymous benefactor. Just as they started to enter the pipes, a massive beast, described as a “40 foot long, clawed, massive, red eyed beast. Its arms dripped a yellow mucus, that when touched, gave out the properties of a powerful acid”. Predictably, the beast rampaged, killing nearly all the explorers, and then invading a nearby village. The beast suddenly disappeared. There are many theories on what happened, and EVERY villager had a COMPLETELY different account on what had happened. This would later go on to be known as the “Toz Effect”, a mysterious psychological disorder that affected anyone who encountered a beast from The Pipes. (This, and the different accounts of the villagers, is explored in another my articles, “The Krakatoz Debate”.) And lastly, we must not forget that on 0 BMA, the savior of our kingdom, Mario, crawled out of the Pipes. His appearance is further explored in, “The Origins of Mario”.

                                                                    THE THEORY
                                                                 So, you may be asking, what is your theory on all of this? What is it? Well, to say it in the least complicated fashion, The Pipes are a multidimensional hyperflumic portal, an access point to the infinite number of alternate dimensions. Yes. There has been sufficient evidence to prove, that there is indeed, a Multiverse. What is the Multiverse? It is the infinite number of dimensions, that each has their own reality. How does this happen? Here’s an example: Say you flip a coin. At this point, in one universe, the coin lands on heads. In another, it lands on tails. But, with EVERYTHING. Ultimately, The Pipes create a transport to all of the alternate realities of the universes. That is why such terrifying things come from The Pipes.


                                                              And finally, I shall explain the most complex part of this article- the advanced, technical dynamics behind the probabilities of the energy of The Pipes, and the connections of specialized tools that could create a-

                                       (The rest of the page is messily ripped out.)

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                                                        PHASE 17
                                                       Peach’s Wrath

                                                           (Klapra Mountains. Dawn. Wes and Celistar are approaching the western side of the Forever Forest- the Dark Side. Celistar is shivering uncontrollably.)

Wes: Cold mountain air?

Celistar: No. It’s nothing. 

Wes: More of those dreams?

Celistar: …Yes. …Wait, what? I never told you about those!

Wes: …Penter…you were asleep, and he started telling me-

Celistar: Penter…what…telling you my secrets…

Wes: Well, I was about to wake you up, you were rolling over the ground, moaning. It was the night we had just got to the forest…and Penter grabbed me and threw me over…and hoarsely told me to NEVER wake you up when you were like that…I don’t know…

Celistar: …Let’s just not talk about it. (Should I ever tell him that he’s a MOD? I know he knows my secrets, but he doesn’t know I know his secrets…bleh…)

(Silence. The climb down the mountains begins. Peach’s Castle. Peach is on her throne, in a dazed state. Her eyes are staring straight ahead, at a wall. The two guards look nervously at each other.)

Toad Guard: Um, Peach, your highness. I have a question.

Peach: …Yes…?

Toad Guard: Um…where did all of those guards come from last night, I mean, all the ones that came and attacked the crowd…

Peach: We…have…many…guards…to…protect…the…castle.

Toad Guard: Yes…but…there were HUNDREDS. Maybe even a THOUSAND! Why-


(Some kind of strange energy seems to leave Peach’s body, and she lays limp on her throne. The guards stare in terror, and begin violently shaking.)

(It’s the news report the Kingdom Courier, again. It is a different News Reporter, who looks more boring then the previous one.)

Reporter: Tonight, on Kingdom Courier…a strange virus seems to be out breaking in the south eastern most places of the Mushroom Kingdom, near Sub-con. The virus, tentatively known as the “Muscular Hormonal Virus”, only affects baby Toads. But it is not a killer. Instead, it seems to be replicating growth cells in a Toads body, causing these babies to grow much stronger then even adult Toads. This disturbing virus is being labeled as a miracle and a terror, but-

(A TV is turned off. A masked figure moves towards a window, and looks out upon Mushroom City, with binoculars. Far below, in a dark street, another dark figure is lurking…the mysterious serial killer of Mushroom City. The Masked figure quickly runs to a door, and leaves the room, running past Apartment Rooms, and down stairs, and then leaps down the stairs, flying)

Masked Figure: I’ve finally got you, you freak…killing Kooper…your crimes are finally over…

(An open window flashes some light, and a Koopa Shell and wing are shown)

(Bowser’s Castle. A door opens. The figure that opens the door coughs horribly. Inside, Bowser Jr. is violently throwing toys around)

Bowser Jr.: Arrrrgh! Fly Super Koopa! Kill that bad Mario…

(Throws a plastic Koopa figure at a badly made Mario. Bowser Jr. looks up.)

Bowser Jr.: Hey! What are you doing in here? I already told you to get out! No ones allowed in my room, no one-

(The figure coughs some more as it pulls a knife from behind its back. Bowser Jr. stares in shock.)

Bowser Jr.: Da-dad already said no more knives, remember? Don’t you remember what Roy did, that one-

(Screen blacks out. A short scream, with more grisly sounds of knives piercing flesh.)

???: COUGH HACK. My…dear dear, brother. I am so…TERRIBLY…sorry. But you can’t be the heir to the throne…oh you HACK COUGH…idiot. You should’ve screamed for help…that would have been MUCH more interesting…HACK COUGH…


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                                                                                       PHASE 18
                                                                                     The Darker Side


???: EEEEEK!!!


Iggy: Wendy, what are you-

(BAM! CRASH! Tinkle.)

Iggy: Owww! Really Wendy, you’ve got to- (CRASH)

(Light. It’s Bowser’s Throne Room. Wendy, Bowser’s bratty daughter, is running into the room, screaming.)

Wendy: Ki-King Dad! Da-Junior-Junior…

Bowser: OUT WITH IT! Daddy is thinking over important business!

Wendy: But-but-JUNIOR IS DEAD!!!

Bowser: I don’t-wa-what?

Wendy: Buh-Bowser Jr…he’s dead! There’s blood, and, and-

Bowser: …Show me. RIGHT NOW.

Wendy: Come-come on! (Sob)

(Bowser stomps out of room, following Wendy. Scene switch. Wes and Cel are standing in front of an oppressive forest. Their backpack straps are about to snap off.)

Celistar: So…we’re back to the Forever Forest…

Wes: The DARK SIDE. Where tribal Shy Guys stomp around…casting evil witch spells…

Celistar: Yeah, yeah. We can handle that. I can handle it, anyway.

Wes: Hey, I can fight to. (I just don’t like to)

Celistar: Well, whatever. Come on. We’re wasting time.

(They start the hike. Inside, the gloominess swallows everything. Several hours later. There is an evil chanting in the distance. Wes continually swallows)

Celistar: Would you stop that? It’s annoying.

Wes: What?

Celistar: That swallowing! Every few seconds…GULP…GULP…

Wes: Oh, shut up.

Celistar: …

Wes: …

Celistar: …Well, I’m glad you’re not scared of me anymore.

Wes: Uh, what?

Celistar: I don’t think you’d tell me to “Shut up” a few days ago.

Wes: Oh. Yeah.

Celistar: …

Wes: Hey, Cel?

Celistar: What?

Wes: What are you going to do, you know, after you rescue Toadbert? I mean,-

(A bush nearby shakes violently)

Wes: Wah! (He leaps back five feet, right into another bush. Violent shaking)

Wes: Get off of me! Aagh-! COUGH COUGH.

(In the dim background, Celistar can see a Shy Guy dragging something.)

Celistar: Dang it Wes…urrgh…I suppose…

(With a final sigh, Cel runs after the shape. Switch to Jonas, who is now crawling across beach sand. In the background, Mount Shigeru ominously looms.)

Jonas: Ughhh…no-ert-I’ve failed. Celistar is dead. That Koopa killed everybody with the-ert-bomb. I’m stranded…and if I go back…

(He promptly gets up, and shakes his mask.)

Jonas: Well, now…ert. My career is over! I’m…I’m…ert! I’m going home! I’m going back to my village! This wild country stuff is making me…ert…crazy!

(Turns to the east, and sees the Gadd River, blocking his route to Sub-con.)

Jonas: Sigh…ert…looks like I’ll have to find a bridge…

(Jonas starts walking north, to the side of Mt. Shigeru. His voice starts to fade as he gets farther and farther away.)

Jonas: The closest place I know of is Chesim Dam…yet…there…ert…must be somewhere closer, yes…ert…

(Switch to the Peach’s Castle Dungeons. Koopas are everywhere, some struggling, some accepting their fate. There are also protester Toads, screaming in outrage. As a few guards come in, to take a prisoner to torture, a few Koopas attack. The Guards fend off two, and kill the third, who drowns in his own blood. The guards violently grab a random Koopa, and shove him into the Torture Room. It is nowhere near as painful as the Bowser’s Castle Room, but it is still a horrible place. One Toad Guard sits down, opposite the Koopa on a table. The other Guard lines his spear behind the Koopa.)

Corporal: Alright, Koopa. First we’re gonna ask some questions. If you don’t tell us anything, or if we think your lying, we’re going to…help persuade you.

Koopa: You…you don’t scare me.

Corporal: Now, now. Just answer my questions…first…do you know anything about the Yoshi Chiefs murder?

Koopa: What? Yoshi Chief?

Corporal: Okay. Pretend you know nothing. Second…what do you know about the Serial Killer in Mushroom City?

Koopa: I thought you were asking about Mario’s daug-

Spear Guard: (Hits Koopa) Shut up. And answer the [darn] question.

Koopa: Ow…The only thing I’ve heard is that Inspector Kooper was killed…are there more cases?

Corporal: I’M asking the questions. And here’s my last one. Do you know a Koopa named “Wes”?

Koopa: Wes…Wes…I’ve…I’ve heard that name before…It was in the news…something about Bowser…and Wes…

Corporal: That’s good…but I think you were lying about the first two…so…Spear Guard…get the Beak Wrencher out.

Koopa: Wha-what? Wrencher? That’s not even a real word!

Corporal: Shut up! And until you tell me what I want to know…we’re going to keep extending the Beak Wrencher…until your head is ripped off.

Koopa: But-but, I don’t know anything! Oh gods! No! NO! NO! I don’t know-

(Darkness. A horrible scream follows, and shortly after, a ripping sound and a final scream.)


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                                                                       PHASE 19
                                                                  Kan to the “Rescue”

                                                         (Bowser’s Throne Room. Bowser is sitting, palm covering his face. To say the least, he’s stressed. In comes Hamro.)

Hamro: B-Bowser! The…the first “gun”…it’s done! It’s finished! A slave tried it, and killed himself! It’s a…miracle weapon!

Bowser: (Mumble)…yes…?

Hamro: Um, sir? Are you okay?

Bowser: You didn’t hear? My heir son is dead. The only one of my worthless kids that was WORTH SOMETHING is DEAD.

Hamro: Um…wow.

Bowser: …Urgh. I still have seven more…but who should it go to next…?

Hamro: Well, um, yes. I just wanted to notify you of the guns completion.

Bowser: Wh-what? They’re finished?

Hamro: Um, yes. (I already said that)

Bowser: Finally! Continue. Come back when you’ve made at least a thousand. The invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom begins soon! BWA HA HA HAH HA…heh…ha. (Sigh.)

Hamro: Um, well, yes. They’re almost done with a second, anyway. Goodbye, my great lord.

Bowser: Yes… (Sigh)…

(Hamro leaves.)

Bowser: You. Guards. You may leave. NOW.

(The two guards at Bowser’s side quickly scurry out. Bowser pounds the side of his armrest.)

Bowser: Argghhhh…[darn] IT!

(Switch to Celistar, leaping through Forever Forest, following Wes’s desperate gasps for breath. Cel barely leaps over a root, just to trip over a nearby rock. She lands flat on her face, and scurrying slowly fades into the distance.)

Celistar: Wes…dang it…why did you have to…?

(Cel gets up, and starts to run in the general direction the scurrying disappeared in. Suddenly, she smashes into something, which bounces off with a surprised squeak. Cel falls over, landing in a puddle of mud.)

Celistar: Can this POSSIBLY get worse?

???: Die, Shy Scum!

Celistar: Yow! I’m not a Shy Guy!

(A shadow figure leaps up, holding a long saber. It threateningly swishes it at Celistar, and then stops.)

???: What? You are not…one of those tribal freaks?

Celistar: No! Who the heck are you?

Kan: Ah! I am the great Squeek Lancer, Kan.

Celistar: Kan? KAN? Seriously? What kind of-

Kan: And I suppose your name is better?

Celistar: Well…actually…no.

Kan: What IS your name?

Celistar: Well…Celistar. But just call me Cel.

Kan: Wh-what? Cel-Celistar?

Celistar: Oops! I, uh, no. That’s not my real name.

Kan: No…I know your real name now…amazing. You…Celistar…

Celistar: Please don’t take me back to the castle. Actually…I’m not going back. I don’t need to ask you.

Kan: Wait…what?

Celistar: My mother sent you, didn’t she? Heh, well, she didn’t know I’ve improved my skills, and-

Kan: No, no, no. Be quiet. I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. I am simply here to fight off the Tribal Guys…

Celistar: Yes…but now you know I am alive…AND where I am…and Peach has likely offered a reward for my return.

Kan: No…no, no, no, NO! I have lived in the wild for a long time. I know nothing of the current political situation. I just…your name. It’s-

Wes: Cel…Cel…OW...[darn]it…where are you? Ahh! Stop poking me!

Celistar: Ughhh…Wes. I ALMOST forgot about this whole situation.

Kan: Ah! Is that your friend out there? Captured by Tribal Guys?

Celistar: Well…friend…sort of…

Wes: Ow. Ow. No! Get that off my-URMMPH. MMPHH!

Kan: Must be nearby. I shall rescue him.

Celistar: No. I’m rescuing him. He’s my fri-accomplice.

Kan: Yes, but YOU are a young lady.

Celistar: Oh no, not this again. Do you want to fight, so I can knock some sense into you?

Kan: Now, now, I wouldn’t want to hurt you. Now just wait here...

(Kan quickly jumps away.)

Celistar: Get back here!

(She quickly leaps after him into the darkened forest. Scene switch to alley, in Mushroom City. The Police Toads have arrived. A Paratroopa, his lungs and stomach pulled out through the mouth is the victim. Another car arrives. The second, the Toad gets out, he pukes all over the street. A nearby detective reviews the scene.)

Detective: So…the ninth victim of the “Tearer Serial Murders”…

Nearby Toad: Who made that name up? “Tearer” isn’t even a real word!

Detective: Oh, shut up. Alright…like all victims, the lung and stomach are pulled and torn out of the body, through the mouth…we estimate that the victims die after an hour of being attacked, struggling for an hour in the most painful feeling possible…hmm…

Nearby Police Toad: Sir! We’ve found something!

Detective: Hmm?

(The Police Toad brings over a jagged, solid piece of something; the entire thing is the color white.)

Detective: What…in…the…?


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                                                                          PHASE 20
                                                                        Tribal Rhythm

                                                        (The Tribal Guy Village. Wes has been tied to a tree. The Tribal Guys have prepared a boiling pot of water.)

Wes: Come on…couldn’t this be one of those times when you treat me like a god…and THEN kill me?

Tribal Guy: GAK! (Pokes Wes in the arm)

Wes: Ow! Ughh…I need to get out of here before they throw me in that pot…my training…my training…what did I learn…

(Switch to right outside village. Kan is hiding in a bush. Celistar comes flying out, nearly landing in the Tribal Guy clearing on accident.)

Kan: Arghhh! What are you doing?!? I told you-

Celistar: I’m not a hopeless princess, you idiot. Besides, being the PRINCESS of the kingdom, I don’t have to take orders from you, now do I?

Kan: Yes, but, um…

Celistar: Shhhh! The Tribal Guys are doing something?

Kan: I, um, urgh…
Celistar: What are they doing?

Kan: Oh…um…it’s their tribal dance. Soon, they are going to kill, and then eat, your Koopa friend.

Celistar: What? What kind of-

Kan: The Tribal Guys have lived alone for thousands of years…they have de-evolved into violent savages…now, do you really want to-

Celistar: That’s it. Time for a rescue mission.

Kan: Please, for your safety, let me…

Celistar: Oh be quiet. Here I…go…?

Kan: Princess Celistar! You can’t base this on luck, you need to be-

Celistar: Ha ha…luck. Funny you should mention that… (She jumps away, into the clearing.)

Kan: Princess! Wait for me!

(Kan barrels right into a Tribal Guy, knocking both of them to the ground. Celistar, meanwhile, is rushing towards the Tribal Dance, where in the center, is Wes. A Tribal Guy notices the intruder, and emits a loud piercing noise through its mouth. The Tribal Guys attack!)

Kan: Princess…gack…you can’t handle them on your own…!

Celistar: I…have to try…

(Kan smacks off the Tribal Guy with his lance, and joins Celistar. Horribly fast, the Tribal Guys surround Cel and Kan.)

Kan: Um…we really should have discussed a plan, first.

Celistar: We can still get out of this…

Wes: (Shouting) Help, Cel! I’m getting rashes!

Celistar: Ughhhh…one thing after another…

(The Tribal Guys begin to close in. Then, black out.)

(Evening. Re-emerge, to Cel, Kan, and Wes all tied to the tree, Cel tied next to Wes, and Kan behind them. The Tribal Guys continue to dance around them.)

Celistar: This is one of those times I’d just like to run away.

Wes: Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s all what we’d like to do.

Celistar: That’s not what I meant…I mean, one of my…um…rages.

Kan: Ugh. Princess, why didn’t you just stay away? Then you’d be safe…

Wes: Ha! You haven’t seen Cel in action. (Flashback to Mountain Scene.)

Celistar: Yes, yes, whatever. None of that matters now. We need to find a way to get out of this rope…

Kan: Sigh…they took my lance.

(Nearby, a group of Tribal Guys are kicking at the lance.)

Kan: The distress of it all!

Celistar: And, well, I can jump on things…but that doesn’t really help right now…Wes?

Wes: Hm? What?

Celistar: Listen, would you? Do you have anything that could maybe, cut us out of this rope…something sharp, maybe…?

(Celistar starts staring at Wes’s face.)

Wes: No…nothing, I…why are you staring at me like that?

Celistar: Wes…your…um…beak…

Wes: My…

Celistar: It’s sharp, isn’t it? I mean, the edges look sharp…

Wes: Yes…maybe. beak is very fragile, and-

Celistar: We need to get out of here, right? So just start trying to cut the rope, okay?

Wes: F-fine. If I must…

Kan: What’s going on?

Celistar: Wes is cutting at the rope…

Kan: He has a weapon?

Celistar: No, not exactly…

(Snitch! The rope breaks away quietly. The Tribal Guys are too busy dancing to notice.)

Celistar: Okay, don’t move, pretend you’re still tied. And start cutting at my rope…and don’t you dare run away…the forest is filled with deadly creatures.

Wes: Yeah, I know… (Slowly starts rubbing the edge of his beak against the rope.)

Kan: According to my studies…we have three more minutes before the Tribal Guys conclude their dance…and start throwing spears at us, as part of their preparation.

Celistar: Preparation?

Kan: To cook us.

Celistar: Oh. Please hurry up, Wes.

Wes: Ouhi moight croick moi beak.

(Snitch! The rope snaps.)

Kan: Just me, now. Um, guys? You are going to-

Wes: How are we going to cut the rope? The Tribal Guys will see I’m gone…

Kan: No! This is the most frenzied part of their dance. They won’t notice you. Really. Now, please cut the rope…

Wes: (Sigh) why is this happening to me? If I hadn’t gotten into that bar bet…

Celistar: Shh! Quiet! And hurry!

(Wes crawls over, and begins cutting the rope.)    

Kan: I never really thought about how sharp a Koopa’s face was.

Wes: Shot uap.

(The Tribal Guys dance becomes even more frenzied.)

Kan: Faster! Faster!


Celistar: Finally! Now, let’s get out of here.

Kan: No! My lance! My soul mate…I can’t leave it here!

Celistar: You’ve got to be kidding. It’s a SWORD!

Kan: No, it’s a lance, and I’m getting it back.

Wes: Well, Cel and I need to leave-

Kan: Yes. Can’t have the princess get hurt.

Celistar: Grr! I’ll get your stupid lance back, by myself!

Wes: What? No! We need to-

Celistar: I’m going to test my luck.

Wes: Luck? LUCK?

Celistar: This will be quick, okay?

Kan: Please, princess, let me do this!

Celistar: (Ignoring) Okay, I need to do a long jump. If I position it well, I will land nearby the sword…where those Tribal Guys are playing…otherwise, I will end up in the center of the Tribal Guys…

Wes: Long jump? Like when Penter wanted you to jump over that river? THAT long jump?

Celistar: Yes, THAT long jump. As I told you, it’s luck…

Wes: Cel…why are you doing this? It’s just some sword. (Kan: LANCE!)

Celistar: I need to prove myself…I feel…like I haven’t been attempting my luck enough.

Wes: Cel, really, I-

Cel: (Stands back, preparing for the long jump.)

Kan: Please, reconsider!

Celistar: Yahhhhh! (Cel leaps at the sword…and lands right next to it, right on top of a Tribal Guy. However, this doesn’t kill it. Instead, it emits a long, low warning sound. Suddenly, all of the Tribal Guys have turned to Cel.)

Cel: Um, uh oh.

(Cel grabs the Tribal Guy, and carries it over her head. She throws it at the other Tribal Guy, who had been playing with the sword. It knocks right into the other Tribal Guys mask, and a green liquid leaks from the behind it. The other Tribal Guys approach. Cel quickly grabs the lance, and starts running towards Wes and Kan, the thirty or so Tribal Guys stampeding after her.)

Wes: Can we run NOW?

Celistar: Hmm…YES.

(Cel throws the lance to Kan, and they start running, in which they think is north. The Tribal Guys follow, hooting and shouting. The sun finally goes down, and the night sky covers, creating darkness.)


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                                                     PHASE 21
                                                   Desert Arrival

                                            (Bowser’s Castle, Throne Room.)

Bowser: Messenger!

(A small, sleek Koopa runs in.)

Messenger: Yes, King Bowser?

Bowser: Send a message to the Mushroom Kingdom. Tell them we declare war.

Messenger: Um, wouldn’t it be a better idea to prepare a surprise attack?

Bowser: QUIET! …It’s simple, idiot. If we announce war, they’ll prepare themselves, maybe send out an army. Meanwhile, we send a small team around…through the…”Secret Entrance”, and capture the Kingdom…with our new weapon…

Messenger: What a brilliant plan, great King! I shall go to the Mushroom Kingdom!

Bowser: Yes…

(Switch to Cel and Co. They have somehow crawled out of the forest, and are now climbing over a dusty hill.)

Wes: Come ON Cel. You must realize how ridiculous this quest is now.

Celistar: No. We…must…rescue…

Wes: I MIGHT have agreed with you, if we still had Pontor or whatever-his-name-was was still with us.

Celistar: Don’t you think we could make it?

Kan: Where exactly are you pair heading?

Both: (Cel sounding normal, Wes sighing) Bowser’s Castle.

Kan: What? You princess? Going to the castle of great evil?

Celistar: Yes.

Kan: Where people are tortured in the most horrific ways?

Celistar: Yes.

Kan: Where they-

Wes: YES, we get it now. Just be quiet. I mean, we HAVE to go there, and-

Celistar: I thought you weren’t going that far.

Wes: Oh, um, yeah. But the Barren Lands are practically at the castle…

Kan: Why, princess, are you even going there…?

Celistar: I need to rescue somebody-

Wes: Somebody you don’t even KNOW!

Celistar: Shut up. I have to do this…I know I can do this…

Wes: Yeah, that’s just the best reason to do suicide.

Celistar: You really don’t trust me, do you?

Wes: Well, yeah, but…BOWSER’S. CASTLE.

Celistar: (Sigh)

(They finally get to the top of the hill, and find a vast desert.)

Celistar: Shifting Sands Land?

Wes: (Whistle) Ohhhh no! That’s way to the northeast. This is the Dry Dry Desert.

Kan: Dry…Dry…Desert? Where the flesh eating Pokey’s roam? Where the-

Wes: No. No. Just…just be quiet.

(Short silence)

Celistar: Um, Kan? Are…are you just gonna follow us?

Kan: Yes, m’lady. This cowardly Koopa may abandon ye early on, but I must protect you…I’m coming with.

Celistar: Well…whatever…but where are we going to find food in this desert?

Wes: What a random change of thought…

(Scene switch. Bowser’s Castle. Wendy’s Room. Wendy is throwing dolls around and stamping on others. A mysterious figure walks in. Wendy turns around, just as the mysterious figure pulls out a long dagger.)

Wendy: Wha-What are you doing with that? No…you…you were the one-

(The figure stabs down, and Wendy screams loudly. The figure jumps back, and instantly disappears. A guard rushes in, finding Wendy dead, and the room empty.)

Guard: But…I saw…no one left the room…how…

(The guard steps in a puddle of blood, and steps back.)

Guard: First, that mysterious invention came…and then two children of the great King die…I’m…I’m getting out of here…this is getting too freaky for me!

(The Guard runs out. The “Camera” moves into the blood.)


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                                                                        PHASE 22
                                                                        Desert Heat

                                                        (Peach’s Castle. Peach’s hair is a mess. She has been up all night. Her voice is now hoarse, from screaming all night. A nervous Toad walks in.)

Random Toad: Um, I have a report, Queen Peach.

Peach: Speak…

Random Toad: Well…that bothersome rebellion is growing larger…

Peach: What…rebellion…?

Random Toad: Um…the rebellion against the Koopa capture…

Peach: Why…? Do…they not…understand? Princess Cel…istar captured…by a…Koopa….

Random Toad: Well…they find it…unnecessary…to capture Koopas…and torture them…they believe it’s what separates us from the Koopa Kingdom…and…I think they might be-


(Peach begins to tear at her face, scratching, blood on her fingernails, running down her fingers and face. The Toad slowly backs away, sweating in terror.)

Peach: TELL THEM…TELL THEM…tell…tell…

(Peach holds her face in her palm, she too is sweating uncontrollably. Suddenly, she looks up.)

Peach: What…a…nice…nap…oh…hello…do you…have something…to report?

Random Toad: No…no…

(Toad runs off, blood still running off Peach’s face. Switch to Dry Dry Desert. Wes and Celistar are sweating, but for altogether different reasons. Kan’s oversized hat covers his entire body. Things are starting to get tense.)

Wes: Where did you get that stupid hat, anyway?

Kan: What stupid hat? The only hat I have is the hat of my family heritage.

Wes: You’ve got to be kidding. That thing is twice the size of you. You should give that to someone who REALLY needs it.

Celistar: Get off it, Wes. He probably needs it the most. He’s the smallest of us…

Wes: He shouldn’t even be with us! He’s wasting the last of the water!

Kan: Ha! I’m here to protect the princess! She won’t be able to survive with a fat turtle like you!

Wes: Fat? FAT? For your information, I trained in the-

Celistar: Whatever you trained in, you still got beaten up and kicked out in a bar. Whatever they trained you in; those other guys were trained in something even better.

Wes: (Growl) that’s how it’s going to be, is it? Ganging up with some stupid mouse…

Kan: Squeek!

Wes: That’s even more pathetic!

(Suddenly, Kan and Wes are both facing each other, stopping in the middle of the desert. Celistar looks like she has a huge headache.)

Kan: Are you insulting my heritage, you KOOPA punk?

Wes: Yes, I am. Have a problem with that?

Kan: Yes, I do. I challenge you to a duel!

Wes: I’ll take it!

Celistar: Stop it! We don’t have time for this!

Kan: My dear princess, he has insulted my heritage. This is unforgivable.

Wes: I have every right to! Ever heard of free speech?

Kan: I thought you came from the Koopa Kingdom! I didn’t know they had free speech!

(Kan draws out his lance)

Wes: I’m a citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom, now!

Kan: Yes, a stowaway!

Wes: That’s it!

(It appears that a fight is about to begin, however Cel jumps right into the middle.)


(In the middle of Cel’s crazed fury, her hair has a slight glow to it. Her feet go off the ground a few inches, as well. Kan and Wes both stumble back in surprise. Just as her eyes start to glow, she falls to the ground, and collapses.)

Wes: Cel!

Kan: Princess!

(The screen blacks out as Kan and Wes stand around Cel, who is now unconscious.)