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I thought that's what you were getting at.
That was a joke.

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Yes, I guess a 100% SMB3 session would have three Warp Whistles but that doesn't change my core point: WeeGee's definition of "what the game keeps track of" is flawed because once you leave a World, there's no telling how many levels of it you completed, ever.

But getting the Warp Whistle in the first fortress forces you to skip collecting the "?"-orb that unlocks the door on the map screen. So... It's impossible to 100% SMB3! Dun, dun, dun!

But seriously, beating every single level should be enough.
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Shouldn't other people watching you beat every normal level be enough that you did 100%? If some kid complains "are you gonna get the Warp Whistle?", then go grab it. They'll let you know what you need to do to complete "everything". As long as they tell you in advance, otherwise it's their fault.

Or tell them ahead of time what you'll be doing to get 100% as you see it.

They should be awestruck either way. For those that aren't, it will turn into a speedrun where you try to beat the game faster than the other guy.
You didn't say wot wot.

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Turns out that there was no NES at the LAN party I planned on playing the game at, ergo, no SMB3 run, 100% or not.  I still need to play the game regardless, though.  My SNES is collecting dust right about now.
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