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(11:13:44 PM) Drill: So
(11:13:48 PM) Drill: My foot is bleeding
(11:14:26 PM) BP: Don't stomp the Spinies
(11:14:46 PM) David: Sounds like the name of a new video game cover band

There really needs to be a video game cover band named "Don't Stomp the Spinies."

They need to do a cover of the nearly-final boss track music from the Game Boy Donkey Kong game.

They also need a track called "Jump, Jump, Jump, Don't Die!"
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Let's do the Mario, all together now!

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I approve. I can't wait to see that cover art.
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Darn it, how come I always miss the good quotes?  Oh yeah, it's because I'm in a timezone that goes to bed around those folks' dinner time.

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