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WTMK is pleased to update with two new sets of Mario related music!

* The OneUps have released a new album, dedicated entirely to music from Super Mario Kart.  Jazz! Rock! Spooky bits on strings!  If you've enjoyed their other albums, you've probably already purchased your copy.  If not, you can always get a copy of the Super Mario Kart Album on the band's BandCamp page. $9.99 for digital download (mp3, FLAC, etc.) or a physical CD.

* Jay "Mercury" Hunter has recently released his free remix album entitled Mushroom Nostalgia Mixtape.  More information is available on his Facebook page.  Despite the title, Mario tracks aren't the entirety of the CD, which features a few Zelda and Sonic the Hedgehog tunes as well.  Go grab a copy and listen to it for yourself.

Both albums are now streaming on WTMK . . . along with my attempt at deciphering exactly what the Yoshies are warbling during the end-of-level music in Yoshi's Story.
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