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I'm not sure if this is the right spot, if it isn't you can close it or move it or do whatever you want with it. If this is the right spot I found a very small error. On the bugs/glitches page of Super Mario All Stars it says that in the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 that you don't get a timer bonus after beating Bowser. In Super Mario Bros. this is true but not in the Lost Levels/Super Mario Bros 2.

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I noticed that too but I was too lazy to report it and eventually forgot about reporting it.
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Hey, I'm new here, but I've been lurking the site for years. :P

Just wanted to say, right here:
in the "Mario Lottery" section, it says "I guess this guy goes by "Fario"".
However, he is known as Fortran, a lesser known internet meme.

Also, the ROM name seems to be "Dian Shi Ma Li (Ch).nes".

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Hey, it's me again.

I can't find an open "report" thread and there's no "create new topic" link either, apparently to prevent spammers(?). (Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga - version differences)
I found out that the move where Luigi jumps onto small Mario to gain coins will decrease Luigi's HP by 2 in the Japanese version and 1 in the English version, respectively, per bounce.


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Whoa... that's neat!

Looks like you're not a spammer, so I'll upgrade your account. :)